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Eating Healthy to Prevent Tooth Decay

Eating Healthy to Prevent Tooth DecayOur body is a complex machine. The foods you choose and how often you eat them can affect your general health and the health of your teeth and gums, too. If you consume too many sugar-filled sodas, sweetened fruit drinks or non-nutritious snacks, you could be at risk for tooth decay. Tooth decay is the single most common chronic childhood disease, but the good news is that it is entirely preventable.

Tooth decay happens when plaque come into contact with sugar in the mouth, causing acid to attack the teeth.

Foods that contain sugars of any kind can contribute to tooth decay. To control the amount of sugar you eat, read the nutrition facts and ingredient labels on foods and beverages and choose options that are lowest in sugar. Common sources of sugar in the diet include soft drinks, candy, cookies and pastries. Your physician or a registered dietitian can also provide suggestions for eating a nutritious diet. If your diet lacks certain nutrients, it may be more difficult for tissues in your mouth to resist infection. This may contribute to gum disease. Severe gum disease is a major cause of tooth loss in adults. Many researchers believe that the disease progresses faster and is potentially more severe in people with poor nutrition.

The key to achieving a healthy and happy home is providing home cooked meals on those busy week nights. To the uninitiated, meal planning can feel like an elusive practice or an overwhelming task, but that’s usually because we think about meal planning from the end point — when all the recipes have been selected, when all the groceries have been shopped for, and a week of dinners were successfully made. Batch cooking or “meal planning” is a beautiful thing because it:

1. Saves you time from cooking throughout the week
2. Keeps you on track with your health goals
3. Relieves you of the mental burden of decision fatigue about what to make each day and night
4. Is a fun way to diversify your food and meal choices throughout the week

That’s why the key to meal planning lies in its simplicity. So many basic, whole food fruits and vegetables are already “superfoods” because they nourish your body and offer a wealth of health benefits. Make a list of family favorites and coordinate your weekly schedule with meal prepping on allotted nights for the entire week. Don’t forget to coordinate your grocery list in advance and make a quick run to prepare for optimal prepping.

For good dental health, keep these tips in mind when choosing your meals and snacks:
• Drink plenty of water.
• Eat a variety of foods from each of the five major food groups, including:
– whole grains
– fruits
– vegetables
– lean sources of protein such as lean beef, skinless poultry and fish; dry beans, peas and other legumes
– low-fat and fat-free dairy foods

Limit the number of snacks you eat. If you do snack, choose something that is healthy like fruit or vegetables or a piece of cheese. Foods that are eaten as part of a meal cause less harm to teeth than eating lots of snacks throughout the day, because more saliva is released during a meal. Saliva helps wash foods from the mouth and lessens the effects of acids, which can harm teeth and cause cavities.

For good dental health, always remember to brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste that has the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance, floss daily and visit your dentist regularly. With regular dental care, your dentist can help prevent oral problems from occurring in the first place and catch those that do occur in the early stages, while they are easy to treat.

Ocala Dental Care
Ocala Dental Care is a restorative dentist office dedicated to offering exceptional care from dental basics to extensive procedures, all within a warm, inviting setting. They provide comprehensive restorative and general dentistry services to patients, including dental hygiene cleanings, root canals, endodontics, dental implants, dentures, crowns, and full mouth reconstruction.

For health concerns and aesthetics, their metal-free prosthetics made with advanced materials in their on-site lab, both restore functionality and complete your smile without unsightly metal.

Ocala Dental Care has three master dentists on staff, dental implant specialists Dr. Manual DeLeon and Dr. H. Salifu, along with a general and restorative dentist Dr. Jeffrey Metcalfe. With three dentists at your service, the can prioritize patient procedures and time management, paying particular attention to your comfort and superiority of work.

They understand the financial elements that the patients have to decide upon and offer flexible payment plans to help them receive the quality dentistry they need.

Members of the FDA and Central Florida District Dental Association, they have been serving patients for more than 30 years and look forward to serving all of your dental needs.

If you or someone you know is concerned about their oral health, or if you need a check-up, please contact Ocala Dental Care today.

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