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ImageLift – The Art of Looking Younger – Permanent Solutions

By the ImageLift Team –

ImageLift – The Art of Looking Younger - Permanent Solutions
Dale has had a Laser ImageLift and long-term facial fillers

Would you like a PERMANENT solution for looking and feeling your best?  Facial fillers are one of the simplest ways we have to freshen our appearance up with little or no downtime. Traditionally, temporary fillers have done very well in this role, though they are ultimately absorbed by the body. This requires repeat treatments to maintain great results. ImageLift is proud to offer an FDA approved filler that is not absorbed by the body, providing the longest lasting result you can achieve! The name of the filler is Artefill, and the results are here to stay!

The double board certified facial plastic surgeons at ImageLift are very experienced with the procedures and surgeries available to make the face and neck look younger. At ImageLift, we recognized that procedures alone do not achieve the best results, since we do lose volume as we age. Aging is a form of “subtraction” from the face.

ImageLift is currently one of the top injectors in the country with long-term fillers. Because of our experience, you will find that we give our patients options that are not available in other places. Fat grafting is another treatment we can offer. However, you must consider that in many cases, the majority of fat grafting is not permanent. There are exceptions to every rule, though the more people you talk to that have had fat grafting, the more you will find it does not last. With facial fillers, you walk in and walk out, and no surgical instruments are required!

Artefill is FDA approved for use in the nasolabial folds and smile lines. Use of Artefill in other areas of the face or skin is very common as an off-label indication under the direction of your doctor.

So call now to find out more and visit our ImageLift office here in The Villages! Or attend one of our many events, seating is limited so be sure to RSVP with plenty of notice.

Call (352) 243-LIFT (5438) or visit at ImageLift.com

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