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Local Family-Owned Hearing Practice Offers their Patients the Highest Quality of Care

Family owned physician practices now make up less than a third of healthcare offices. Countless practices have been bought out by large groups and hospital organizations. Essentially, many physicians find themselves as employees with not much say as to how their once, personalized practice is run, and how their patients are treated.

At Family Hearing Center in Temple Terrace, they take pride in being a family owned, private practice. Giving you and your family the highest quality care and the most advanced technology to diagnose and treat your disorder is why they stand out among the other audiology centers in the area.

Dr. Monica Barnes completed her undergraduate degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders in 2010 from the University of South Florida. She was president of the USF National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association Chapter. In August of 2010, she began her graduate studies. While in graduate school, Dr. Barnes was president of the USF Student Academy of Audiology Chapter. She earned her Doctorate of Audiology in 2014. Her family works beside her in the office to better serve the community by treating their patients like extended family members.

This difference is evident in the comprehensive hearing evaluations that they provide every patient. This evaluation goes beyond the norm to offer a meticulous examination. At Family Hearing Center, their comprehensive hearing evaluations are made up of a variety of tests that provide a thorough look at your auditory system. The evaluation lasts about one hour and often includes the following:

Case History Review
• Dr. Barnes takes her time to carefully review your case history

• Our brief case history paperwork helps determine the tests to perform and helps determine an appropriate plan of care and follow-up options

• Makes sure that your ear canals are clear, and that sound can get to your ear drums

• If earwax is blocking your eardrum, Dr. Barnes can remove the blockage before beginning any further testing

• You will see what your ear canals look like on a monitor in front of you, and are provided with pictures to take home

Immittance Testing
• Allows us to make sure that the middle ear system is working appropriately

• These tests can help us determine if your ears require medical attention

Pure tone testing
• Determines the softest volume you can hear, at different pitches

• Allows a diagnosis of both the degree of hearing loss, and where in the auditory system the hearing loss occurs

Speech recognition thresholds
• Determines the softest level that you can understand speech

Word recognition testing
• Measures how well you can understand speech when words are presented at a comfortable volume without any background noise

Speech-in-noise recognition
• Measures how well you can understand speech when words are presented at a comfortable volume, but people around you are talking

• Simulates how you hear in a crowded environment like a busy restaurant

After your exam, Dr. Barnes will go over all results and discuss your plan of care. Any hearing difficulties will be explained, all of your questions answered, and if necessary, a referral will be put in place.

The Family Hearing Center’s services include the comprehensive hearing evaluation (as mentioned above), communication needs assessment, hearing aid fitting, aural rehabilitation, ear wax removal, and tinnitus management.

Why You Should See an Audiologist
If you are experiencing hearing loss, it’s important to seek out a qualified audiologist, because they are trained to get you the best outcome and resolution for your specific condition. If you’ve noticed that it’s difficult to hear conversations in a noisy atmosphere, or you feel the need to adjust your television volume much higher than before, it’s vital for you to have your hearing checked.

Perhaps you or your loved one keeps asking for people to repeat themselves, or you can’t quite pick up where sounds are coming from; if this is the case, don’t wait until your hearing loss gets any worse, schedule your appointment as soon as you possibly can.

Family Hearing Center

9804 North 56th Street
Temple Terrace, FL 33617
(Located in Temple Terrace just South of USF)

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