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Better Intimacy = Better Mood, Better Sleep & Better Health

Dr. Vahora, MD, FACOG
Better Intimacy = Better Mood, Better Sleep & Better Health We’ve heard all of the sayings like, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and we’re much more educated now about healthy diets and the importance of exercise, but what doesn’t garner much attention is the importance of intimacy and sexuality. Being sexually intimate has the ability to increase our overall health. So, how does this one aspect make us healthier? It has to do with the release of major hormones and chemicals that our bodies need on a regular basis. It’s a mind, spirit, body connection on a medical level.
Here are the top 10 health benefits of sexual intimacy:
1. Dopamine is triggered, which boosts our mood and pleasure
2. Cortisol and adrenaline are lowered which reduces the stress hormones and causes relaxation to fill the cells of the body with a sense of calm
3. The hormone oxytocin increases and sends a euphoric sensation throughout the body and mind.
4. Oxytocin increases the intimacy and closeness that we feel with our partner
5. Oxytocin also helps the body relax, which improves a high-quality sleep
6. Oxytocin helps to increase pain tolerance, so very often people with headaches feel a sense of alleviation after intimacy.
7. The heart rate increases momentarily, which benefits vascular health
8. Memory Recall improves as well as brain function
9. An increase in immunoglobin A (IgA) helps to boost the body’s overall immunity
10. Testosterone and estrogen are triggered, which helps bone and soft tissue health
But what happens if you struggle with intimacy? For men, there are pills, injections, and other quick fixes, but for women, they often suffer in silence.
In fact, many women believe their issues are a common condition with aging, and that there is nothing that can be done to help them with their issue. However, nothing could be further from the truth.
Sexual disorders in women are often due to vaginal atrophy. Intimacy issues can affect a partner’s psychological wellbeing, just as much as it does with the one with the condition.
Dr. Parveen Vahora explains what vaginal atrophy is and how it affects women’s sexual health.
“The truth is that many pre and postmenopausal women, and even women that have recently gone through childbirth, have vaginal disorders, like burning, dryness and pain that they often withhold and keep to themselves. Most women think that it’s just a ‘normal’ part of the hormonal process, but they don’t have to live with this condition! There are many options to relieve vaginal and vulvar atrophy.
“Due to the limited estrogen supply, the walls of the vagina start to thin out, causing dryness, and inflammation. This can make intercourse very painful and can cause urinary disorders and can even interfere with daily activities for many women due to the extreme pain and discomfort that it can cause.
“There are many options for women, like creams, medications, and surgery, but they all pale in comparison to an innovative procedure that has no side effects and only takes a few minutes to perform right in the convenience of my office. This advanced technology is called the MonaLisa Touch®, and it’s helped countless women get their confidence and sexual health back to how it was when they were younger.”
MonaLisa Touch®
It is a new laser therapy for the vagina and vulvar. There are no medications, not cutting and no lengthy healing times with this procedure. It’s similar to having a Pap smear test done. The laser does not hurt or cause any pain. You will only feel tiny vibrating sensations from the machine, and the best part is that the entire procedure is accomplished in an outpatient, office setting.
The laser assists with the bodies cell renewal and regenerates the mucous membrane and help with the restoration of collagen and renewing the proper trophic balance to the membrane. MonaLisa Touch® is a functional vaginal rejuvenation treatment based on a unique fractional CO2 laser. This device was created specifically for the vaginal mucosa and is presently the most effective procedure for preventing and treating vaginal atrophy and its painful conditions.
Now it’s possible to have relief from vaginal and vulvar atrophy due to the MonaLisa Touch’s® ability to gently improve the tissue of the vaginal mucosa. The laser stimulates the production of collagen, improving the functionality of the treated area and restoring the proper trophic balance to the mucous membrane.
Rejuvenate & Increase Intimacy
You and your partner will both benefit from this procedure, as intercourse will be pain-free and pleasurable once again. Mona Lisa Touch allows restoration and enjoyment of each other. You’ll be amazed at how effective this procedure gets you back to where you once were in your relationship.
Parveen Vahora, M.D.
A Board Certified, fellowship trained laparoscopic gynecological surgeon, Dr. Vahora owns a private practice in Trinity, Florida. In addition to being the only practitioner in the area to offer the MonaLisa Touch® Laser, Dr. Vahora performed the first single-site robotic hysterectomy in North Pinellas County. She is highly trained in minimally invasive procedures for conditions such as pelvic pain and is able to conduct sophisticated genetic testing.
Continually participating in research in the field of gynecology, Dr. Vahora is also a professional speaker, educating healthcare practitioners on hereditary cancers, multimodal pain management options, dyspareunia due to vulvovaginal atrophy and SERM treatment, and many other gynecological concerns. Dr. Vahora looks at the whole person when administering highly acclaimed treatments, not simply their symptoms.
You deserve to feel your best and to reap the health benefits of good sexual intimacy.
Don’t just live with your disorder, get the relief and new beginning that you are worthy of. Call today to schedule your Mona Lisa Touch consultation at (727) 376-1536.
We are excited to have Connie Moler, APRN join our practice.
Please call today to schedule your gyn appointment. We are happy to see your for your wellness appointment or for any gynecological problems, including pain with intimacy.
Connie Moler, APRN
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