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You Can Achieve & Maintain Optimal Health,…. Naturally!

Natural Approaches to Better Health from Plexus Worldwide!

Written by, Carolyn Waygood, Certified Natural Health Professional & Plexus Ambassador –

Maintain Optimal HealthPlexus products are formulated to help improve your health in so many ways,…it’s difficult to know where to begin when discussing the many benefits Plexus products offer! So maybe it’s best to start at the beginning when Plexus was founded with the primary purpose of reducing one’s risk of breast cancer. Read on and learn how natural health approaches can improve your well-being!

Plexus Worldwide, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, began with a simple message that “Early detection of breast cancer saves lives”. By encouraging men and women to become more aware of subtle changes in breast tissue through regular breast self-exams, and distributing the Breast Chek™ Aid, an FDA-Approved Class II medical device proven to enhance one’s sense of touch, Plexus representatives helped educate the community about breast health and natural ways to prevent breast disease. Building upon the Plexus message of prevention, the company joined forces with Dr. Gregory Spencer, world-renowned researcher on the healing benefits of spirulina algae, and formulated a topical cream clinically proven through thermography to reduce inflammation and acidic cystic breast conditions which may lead to malignancy. Originally distributed as Dr. Spencer’s Breast Cream, this spirulina super-power was renamed and re-packaged as the Plexus Body Cream, and was used topically to improve cellular health all over the body. The Plexus Body Cream has helped many people reduce/eliminate skin disorders, break down scar tissue, and improve the health of the skin.

Expanding on the importance of disease prevention, Plexus now addresses the single-most threatening health challenge today; excess weight and obesity. While healthy weight is, in itself, an important and worthy cause, Plexus seamlessly expanded into the weight loss industry based on research that confirms excess weight, along with high glucose and insulin levels, are directly related to high risks of breast. Breast health does not stop at healthy breast tissue. According to the Oncology Times (10 January 2011 – Volume 33 – Issue 1 – p 25), a molecular mechanism has been discovered that explains why excess calories are associated with increased breast cancer risk. Once just a Breast Health Company, Plexus launched Plexus Slim and Plexus Accelerator known as the most natural and complete approach to weight loss and healthy weight management on the market today.

Understanding the association of excess weight and disease, Plexus Worldwide has now helped thousands of people achieve greater health, and reduce their risk of weight-related illnesses. Originally formulated to help diabetics better management blood sugar levels, Plexus Slim and Accelerator are safe for diabetics and others who struggle with insulin resistance and glucose-related challenges – both known to be directly linked to many chronic diseases. Like all other Plexus products, Plexus Slim and Accelerator contain natural ingredients, and work synergistically to balance blood glucose, increase insulin sensitivity, control the appetite, metabolize fat cells, and improve energy and metabolism.

While the world becomes more aware of the increasing threat of excess weight, losing weight is still a difficult challenge for most. Many people are misled to believe excess weight is due entirely to eating too much and exercising too little, but that’s not always the case. Certainly reducing caloric intake, making healthy food choices, and increasing physical activity all lead to greater health, and healthier weight levels. However, excess weight is not always lost by eating less and exercising more. In situations where people say they have tried every diet and still can’t lose weight – an unknown issue may be causing weight gain or preventing weight loss. Looking beyond the typical weight-loss activities such as curbing the appetite and boosting a sluggish metabolism, Plexus addresses issues related to digestion and metabolism that are often unaddressed in other weight loss products and programs. By addressing weight-related issues such as insulin resistance and glucose metabolism, and dissolving fat cells that may lead to unwanted estrogen, Plexus Slim & Accelerator provide an effective component in the fight against breast and other cancers, as well as other weight-related diseases.

The epidemiology has been clear for decades – overweight and obese men and women have a greater risk of breast and other cancers – but molecular biologists have been unable to explain how the link works until now. Dr. Gardner explains the link like this; “fat cells, which have aromatase enzymes, increase the amount of circulating estrogen. The hormone, in turn, stimulates cell proliferation in estrogen responsive tissues, such as the breast and ovary. That means that as cells are undergoing the error-prone process of replication, their ability to repair those errors drops, and cancer risk jumps in hormone sensitive tissue.” Simply put, reduce the number and size of fat cells, and you reduce the amount of estrogen produced by these cells. Decrease the “bad estrogen” in the body, and you can decrease the risk of cancer.

Rounding out an already comprehensive weight management protocol, Plexus offers ProBio5 and BioCleanse to help address excess weight due to inadequate digestion and/or unhealthy elimination. Plexus BioCleanse was designed to aid in digestion and elimination, as well as contains natural ingredients formulated to help detoxify and cleanse the gastro-intestinal tract and arteries, and neutralize acidic conditions that may promote the growth and proliferation of pathogens. Since magnesium is utilized in over 300 metabolic reactions, BioCleanse becomes an important nutrient in any weight loss program that increases one’s metabolic rate. The oxygenating compounds in the BioCleanse formula also help neutralize acidic conditions, helping the body raise the pH level, which may help release stored fat that is no longer necessary to buffer delicate organs from acidic conditions. The added oxygen is also important when raising metabolism since cells utilize oxygen to convert glucose into energy. Simply put, the BioCleanse oxygenating magnesium complex plays a critical role in any weight loss endeavor.

Plexus ProBio5 was specifically formulated to improve digestion and kill candida overgrowth. Ingredients in ProBio5 include digestive enzymes such as Proteases, Peptizyme, Cellulase, Chitosinase, along with probiotics (such as Lactobacillus Sporogenes, L. Acidophilus, and more), and antioxidants (such as Vitamin C, B6, and Grape Seed Extract) which work together to help chronic inflammation gets out-of-control, and the immune system begins to attack healthy cells, the Plexus Fast-Relief products can reduce inflammation and associated pain naturally, without the harmful side-effects of NSAIDs. Capitalizing on the healing benefits of ETArol™, a patented, highly purified extract of the New Zealand green lipped mussel, the Fast-Relief products provide anti-inflammatory support, pain relief, and aids in tissue regeneration. The cream combines known anti-inflammatory ingredients such as aloe, MSM, chondroitin, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, and capsicum, which work together to provide relief from the outside-in. The capsules contain proven ingredients known to help block chronic inflammation, such as turmeric, serrapeptase, and bromelain, and help relieve chronic inflammation from the inside-out. Both pro-ducts contain ETArol™ which has been used throughout Europe for decades to help relive arthritic conditions. By relieving chronic inflammation, the Plexus Fast-Relief System pro-ducts help reduce one’s risk of diseases linked to long-term inflammation.

When prioritizing health and wellness, look beyond the average scope of fad diets, common illnesses, and pharmaceutical medications. By becoming more aware of how the body works, and what natural substances positively impact certain physical symptoms, people will be better able to make educated decisions about their health and lifestyle. We hope this information has helped you in your pursuit of greater health and wellness, and you will consider adding one or more Plexus natural products to your health regime in the future! For more information about Plexus products and their associated health benefits, please visit www.Waygood.MyPlexusProducts.com today, or contact Carolyn for your FREE health consultation at (941) 713-3767. Your local Plexus representatives are ready to help you achieve greater health,… naturally!


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