Tuesday , November 24 2020

Pasco/ N Tampa

Celebrating National Hospice Palliative Care Month

National Hospice

Every year, the month of November is recognized as National Hospice & Palliative Care Month to help raise awareness of the efforts of local hospice and palliative health care organizations. Gulfside Hospice has been Pasco County’s premier hospice of choice, serving residents for 30 years. As one of the few non-profit …

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Do You Have Restless Legs? You May Have Vein Disease!

Do You Have Restless Legs

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is a disorder that causes an overwhelming urge to move one’s legs and affects 5-10% of adults in the United States.1 It typically occurs in the evening or with relaxation. People who suffer from restless leg syndrome describe it as an irresistible urge to get up …

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Bladder Health Awareness Month

Bladder Health

Are You Still Trying to Ignore Your Urinary Incontinence? Treatment Options That Work! By Parveen Vahora, M.D. If you have urinary incontinence, you are well aware of the dreaded, sneezing, coughing or laughing episodes. Leaking urine is not ideal to say the least, especially when it happens in public. What …

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Lung Cancer & COVID-19

Lung Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States, with more people dying of lung cancer in a year than from breast, prostate, colorectal and brain cancers combined. It is the second most common cancer in both men and women, …

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Advanced Pain Management for Peripheral Neuropathy: What You Need to Know

Advanced Pain Management

By DR. ROBERT LUPO, D.C. Chronic Pain affects hundreds of millions of Americans. Of those individuals, a staggering 20 million are suffering with peripheral neuropathy. Neuropathy is typically associated with diabetes, as it’s common for nerve damage to have occurred in individuals with high glucose storage, but neuropathy can also …

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What an Interventional Cardiologist Wants You to Know About Monitoring and Treating Your Cardiovascular Health During the Pandemic

BayCare Medical Group Cardiology Dr. Rachit Shah of BayCare Medical Group Cardiology spoke to us about patient care during COVID-19. “Many patients are ignoring symptoms of cardiac problems like heart attack and congestive heart failure due to fear of exposure to the virus. The delay in patient presentation could be …

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Increases Stem Cell Mobilization

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Before we are fully formed human beings, in our fetal development stages, stem cells are continuously being produced. Fetal and embryonic stem cells are called, pluripotent. Pluripotent stem cells have the ability to develop and function into other types of stem cells, which helps our bodies grow within the womb. …

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5 Reasons to Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery

Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery

By Regenexx Tampa Bay, Regenerative Medicine Knee replacements are occurring far too often today and the simple truth is that many are entirely unnecessary. In some cases, the knee pain may actually be stemming from another part of the body. Even when using standard criteria for determining candidacy, about one-third …

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A Patient’s Excruciating Back and Leg Pain…

One year ago, David was lifting a fire pit in his back yard and fell to the ground in infuriating pain. He could not get up as the pain was completely unbearable. EMS transported him to the emergency room, and he was admitted to the hospital. David had a herniated …

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Helping Veterans Pay for Long Term Care

By T. Edmund Spinks, Esq. There are currently over 25 million veterans alive in the United States. There are over 9 million surviving spouses of veterans currently living in the United States. Many of these veterans and surviving spouses are receiving long term care or will need some type of …

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