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Tips For Relieving Stress

Stress and anxiety are a normal part of life and usually short-lived, but for 40 million Americans, it’s a daily battle. However, many times, stress is inevitable and natural when we face certain unknowns or anxiety-driven circumstances. If you are dealing with worry or fear due to a new issue in your life or out of concern for a loved one, there are steps you can take to help your unwind and promote good mental health.

Take Time for Yourself
It might be difficult, but carving out time to relax, take a bath, take a walk or simply shut yourself in a separate room for 10 minutes to do deep breathing exercises can reduce anxiety significantly and over time, you will most likely notice that these personal care methods will help you to become calmer throughout the day.

Get Moving
Most people can benefit from taking a brisk 30-minute walk. Exercise increases circulation, reduces stress, it also improves nutrient and oxygen rich blood flow, and helps you build strength. If you can work out harder, it’s extremely beneficial to get your heart rate up daily with cardiovascular exercise.

Yoga helps to improve flexibility, blood flow, muscle strength, posture, immune function, bone health, decreases depressive episodes, and can regulate blood pressure. Meditation also reduces stress, reduces anxiety, promotes emotional wellbeing, can help fight addictions, can generate health and improve immune function, and it can stave off memory disorders and increase neuronal plasticity.

The body produces cytokines, which are protective proteins that block infection and inflammation. When a person gets the recommended, uninterrupted seven to nine hours of sleep, cytokines are produced. Without quality sleep, they are significantly less. Avoid Blue light. Blue light is a significant cause of circadian rhythm interruptions. Blue light emits wavelengths that contribute to sleep disturbances. Blue light comes from artificial lighting and electronics like fluorescent and LED lightbulbs, laptops, mobile phones, iPad, television, some alarm clocks, fiber-optic cable boxes, and other devices that use blue light. The issue is that blue light makes your brain think that it’s still daytime, which makes it difficult to fall and stay asleep. Blue light disrupts the circadian rhythm and natural sleep cycles, specifically, the delta and beta wavelengths, leading to increased activity in the brain, less relaxation and exacerbates stress and anxiety.

Combining Methods is Best
In order to overcome stress, we need a well-rounded treatment protocol that incorporates, medication (if necessary), stress management, nutrition, high-quality sleep, exercise, meditation, hormone balancing and other therapies that can help to stabilize our systems.

When to Seek Help
If your stress or anxiety are lingering, you should take steps to get treatment. Stress can show itself both physically and mentally. If you feel persistently sad, anxious, or on edge; you start having unexplained physical problems; you’re unable to sleep; feel irritable all the time; or just feel overwhelmed, it may be time to seek help.

Aston Gardens
Aston Gardens is also one of the most highly sought after communities, due to their dedication to senior needs, their commitment to enriching the lives of each resident and their families by providing personalized care, welcoming living spaces, and superior amenities within three distinct tiers, which include independent living, assisted living, and memory care facilities.

Independent living focuses on being as active, healthy and independent as you want to be, but never alone. Choose from one of our independent living apartment homes, or a luxury for-sale villa and enjoy the all-inclusive carefree, maintenance-free lifestyle at America’s award-winning senior living community.

Assisted living offers residents a lifestyle of personal attention and help with activities of daily living, including bathing, grooming, dressing, taking medications and eating properly. Our focus is on health and wellness, helping residents to be as independent as possible with a personalized care plan that includes engaging social activities for a healthy body, enlightened mind and renewed spirit.

With beautifully appointed assisted living suites, assisted living at The Inn is easy with the Aston Gardens One Price Personalized Plan. There are no confusing care levels to think about and our residents pay one low price for services.

SHINESM Memory Care offers a private special needs neighborhood for residents with memory care related issues. Residents needing Alzheimer’s care and other dementia care receive the very best attention and services in a supportive, compassionate and secure setting. Based on each individual’s needs and capabilities, the professionals at Aston Gardens At Tampa Bay create a personalized plan to help our residents live life as fulfilling as possible, in a secure and comfortable environment.

Want to know why so many people choose to live at Aston Gardens? It’s the resort-style life, the caring staff, friendly community, and attention to detail that makes Aston Gardens surpass expectations.

Aston Gardens At Tampa Bay is a luxury senior living community offering the best combinations of active-adult lifestyles and personalized care services. Wake up inspired each morning with a wealth of amenities, activities, and support at your doorstep. Explore the stylish Grande Clubhouse and indulge in our unique lifestyle services: Sensations Dining, Celebrations Activities and Dimensions Wellness. Let our dedicated team members handle transportation, maintenance, housekeeping, concierge services and more. Here you will find compassionate people engaged in enriching the lives of seniors, ensuring their needs are taken care of every day. Aston Gardens At Tampa Bay offers the best value in affordable, carefree, senior living. Everything we do is focused on providing you the very best in senior living. It’s all right here!

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