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Advanced Urology Specialists EXCELLENCE IN UROLOGY

Advanced Urology SpecialistsIn 2009, five leading urology practices with a shared vision for a new kind of urological care joined resources to form Advanced Urology Specialists. Our goal was, and still is, to offer a complete continuum of innovative and high quality urologic services. Today, we have office locations throughout the region to serve patients, with our main campus located in Oxford, just outside The Villages.
Advanced Urology Specialists is known for our commitment to one mission — excellence in urology. This mission extends to our use of the latest diagnostic tools to identify urologic conditions and the development of personalized treatment programs for such conditions as prostate cancer, male sexual dysfunction and female urology. Every day, we strive for clinical excellence and compassionate patient care.
Each of our physicians – urologists, pathologists and radiation oncologists – are board certified and work together with you to identify the most effective treatments to meet your individual needs, allowing you to be treated with minimal interruption to your lifestyle. Our urologists are specialists trained in the latest techniques for treatment of urologic problems with emphasis on minimally invasive procedures. The combination of skill and experience allows Advanced Urology Specialists to expertly take care of each patient’s needs.
Urology is the medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the male and female urinary tract and the male reproductive system. We strive to help our patients navigate these sensitive health concerns with a focus on comfort and convenience. Our physicians provide comprehensive treatment from one location including on-site clinical and pathology laboratories, imaging capabilities including CT scan and radiation therapy.
Though no one anticipates a cancer diagnosis, the reality is that every one in six men will develop prostate cancer in his lifetime. Fortunately, through early and routine screening accomplished by a simple blood test called a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test, 90 percent of all prostate cancers can be detected and treated. If you are over the age of 40, talk to your doctor to determine when this non-invasive blood test is right for you. Should the need arise, take comfort in knowing Advanced Urology Specialists is backed by the resources of the Advanced Prostate Cancer Institute, also conveniently located outside of The Villages.
ADVANCED Urology Specialists
Oxford Offices (next to The Villages)
12109 County Road 103
Oxford, FL 34484
(352) 259-4400 • (352) 430-0705
David R. Brunetti, MD
Michael W. Chancellor, MD, Radiation Oncologist
David L. Cunningham, MD | Mark W. Dersch, MD
Edward D. King, MD, FACS
Nicholas A. Maruniak, MD, Pathologist
William M. Murphy, MD, Pathologist
Dinesh S. Rao, MD | Thomas J. Sanders, MD
Andrew B. Sher, MD | Harvey C. Taub, MD

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