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Finding assisted living or other care for seniors can be stressful enough without worrying if it is a safe and reliable choice.
Chuck Bongiovanni MSW, MBA,CSA,CFE was a Master’s level Social Worker employed by a Medicare licensed home health company 20 years ago. He found a situation where a family needed his social work background to calm their Mother, who they had placed in a nearby facility. He discovered her outbursts were very appropriate for the situation she found herself and in helping her and the family find an excellent new community a business was born. That same Social Work Model is available in hundreds of cities across the nation, and is now available in Lake and Sumter Counties free of charge as a community service by calling 352-356-8127.
David and Angela Wilkins launched their Assisted Transition franchise eighteen months ago, providing care and living solutions for seniors and their families at no cost. They have developed a concierge type service for The Villages to The Gulf, specializing in finding appropriate assisted living, independent living, memory care or home care. They both completed the rigorous coursework for the nationally accredited Society of Certified Senior Advisors and are CSA’s. This designation assures you they abide by a Professional Code of Ethics and have continuing education requirements. They have hosted multiple area Senior Advocacy Symposiums in their passionate quest to provide information, education, and local resources for seniors and their families.
In February of 2014 Care Patrol purchased Assisted Transition nationally and David and Angela were given the opportunity to choose between the two brands. They chose the brand that provides the safest care options for seniors, Care Patrol. They will continue to utilize the relationships, connections, knowledge and empathy they built over the past several years. With the new Care Patrol business named The Villages to The Gulf every phone call will be answered by a Master’s level Social Worker or Certified Senior Advisor. Then a Senior Care Consultant meets with the family to educate everyone about assisted living programs, state licensing requirements and senior care options.
Based on the care and social needs, geographic preference and financial ability an individualized tour is offered of just the appropriate safe solutions.  Care Patrol provides personalized service and essential guidance in making the innumerable age-related caregiving decisions by calling 352-356-8127.
For families looking for quality care communities and expert recommendations, especially when they have no idea where to start, Care Patrol is essential. Education on all care options is available from a company that prescreens and monitors every care provider at no cost to families because compensation is provided by a national network of providers who are proud to be represented by the best.
Rumors of mistreatment and neglect along with advances in medicine challenged what was normal 35 years ago, moving elderly people to nursing homes. In 1981 Dr. Brown Wilson decided to create an option for custodial care to nursing homes that was arguably the first assisted living residence in the country. She combined health, housing and hospitality when she opened Park Place in 1981 near Portland Oregon. The idea grew quickly and by 1986 all assisted living facilities included 24 hour staffing and activities to facilitate social interaction. The decade of the 1990’s saw exponential growth as assisted living became a mainstream option for aging adults.
The regulations for assisted living continue to be state regulated so each state has slightly different standards that facilities must adhere to. Even though many seniors live on fixed incomes a vast majority pay out of pocket for assisted living cost since Medicare does not cover custodial care. Long Term Care insurance and some Veterans benefits enhance the private pay options. Independent living communities provide housing for those who for all intents and purposes can live independently. The underlying goal is this rapidly growing option is to eliminate the social isolation that often plagues seniors as they become older.
Home care can be an option for certain situations. While generically home care covers both medical and non-medical care the custodial version is non-medical. A caregiver agency who specializes in hiring caregivers provides companionship, or housework, or personal care depending on the individual needs and funds. They ensure the schedule is maintained that was agreed to from their employee group. The prices vary based on the workload required, distance to drive and other factors. Using individuals without an agency has proven to be problematic in many ways so Care Patrol only works with agencies licensed by the state.
As health care changes and demographics explode the need for senior care in the coming years, the model that Chuck Bongiovanni MSW, MBA,CSA started years ago is your assurance that you are working with a company that exists to provide the safest care options for seniors across America. David Wilkins CSA and Angela Wilkins CSA tour their clients to recommended facilities much like a Realtor shows families to new homes. They cover all of Lake, Sumter, and Citrus counties as well as South Marion County. With over 3,000 Assisted Living locations in Florida, and over 3,000 Home Care Companies in Florida it helps to have a friend in the business. This free community service can be accessed by calling 352-356-8127.

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