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Chronic Joint Pain & Injuries: You Have Other Options

Chronic Joint Pain & Injuries: You Have Other OptionsChronic joint pain affects millions of people. Whether the issue stems from trauma, injury, arthritis or other disorders, living with pain in your joints, shoulders, hips, back, or neck leaves many individuals unable to focus on much else in their lives. Common forms of therapies and methods for pain management include NSAIDs (ibuprofen) and pain medications (narcotics). Corticosteroid injections help to alleviate pain in specific areas through the powerful effects of cortisone’s ability to tamp down inflammation, while nerve blocks can be injected into the plexus or ganglion (bundle of nerves) to relieve severe discomfort However, while these may help ease the pain for a limited time, they often stop working after long-term use.
Standard Treatment Issues
The problem is that these treatment options come with some side effects. Narcotics, of course, raise the risk of addiction, which is an epidemic in our country, and what most patients don’t know is that the effect is short-lived; after long-term use, they stop working. This is known as treatment resistance. Cortisone injections can lead to further joint damage and degeneration of the synovial fluid, so while you may feel better at first, your condition will quickly deteriorate.
There is, of course, a more permanent solution. You could undergo surgery if necessary, but this comes with a high price as well. Removing the joint along with bone and replacing it with a metal ball in socket has risks like a limited range of motion, infection, rejection, long-term physical therapy, and healing protocols.
Surgery is Not Always Necessary
Because joint pain has multiple etiologies, many problems fail to subside with the standard of care, but there is an alternative method that is helping numerous patients recover without surgery. It is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and Stem cell therapy.
Platelet Rich Plasma & Stem Cells
PRP is taken from your own blood. A small sample is collected and spun down leaving the rich plasma, which is rich in your own natural regenerative/healing cells. The blood plasma and platelets are drawn from the patient’s arm, and then injected into the injured region. Over the past several years, PRP therapy has become a recommended treatment option, due to the regenerative cells natural and proven effectiveness on various orthopedic conditions.
Because our bodies naturally produce platelets and stem cells, this treatment is not perceived as foreign to our cells, and the injured joints fervently accept this method of healing. Our joints are constantly under wear and tear, which causes inflammation and injury to occur. Our own stem cells assist in the normal healing process. Stem cells can regenerate tissue growth, and signal repair to the damaged area.
When our own cells are not enough or limited (usually due to aging, or severe injuries), stem cells from other sources are often employed and can be just as, or in some case’s even more effective.
There are all different types of stem cells, but the most effective are stem cells taken from the placental membrane. The stem cells are collected and frozen for future use providing the most effective cells that are full of nutrients, minerals, amino acids, and proteins and have the ability to reproduce and regenerate new cells throughout the body. Totipotent stem cells are one of the most powerful stem cells available because they have the potential to develop into any cell found in the human body.
A multipotent tissue matrix can be used to treat and replenish areas of the entire body from head to toe. Stem cells worked wonders in repairing and regenerating tissue. Totipotent cells and allograft tissue is derived from a human and is entirely acceptable to the human body. These cells are non-hormonal and have no side effects, and they are highly accepted as natural cells to the body. No embryonic tissues or no tissue from aborted fetuses are ever used. The amniotic tissue is obtained through aseptic recovery techniques during a planned Caesarian section of full-term deliveries from a healthy woman.
Dr. Lupo’s Practice-An Integrated Approach
At Physical Medicine Center, Inc. you can expect a welcoming, friendly environment with a staff that genuinely cares about your progress. Their goal is your improved quality of life-that’s why their comprehensive treatment plans are designed to help you reach your goals. If pain is holding you back, call today to learn more about their natural, non-surgical, non-drug options for pain relief.
If you want drug-free alternative options for your health needs, look no further than the Physical Medicine Center in north Tampa. The Physical Medicine Center treats both male and female patients who desire alternative therapies to get to the root cause of their conditions. Call them today at 813-978-0020 to schedule your appointment.
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