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Dental Plaque & Periodontal Disease Can Affect Your Overall Health

Dental Plaque & Periodontal Disease  Can Affect Your Overall HealthOral health has a lot more to do with their overall health than you may be aware of. The plaque build-up on teeth, says a lot about the plaque build-up in the bloodstream, arteries, and organs. The same is true of periodontal disease and inflammation of the gum tissue. If this infection and bacteria are left untreated, your vital organs will most likely be negatively affected with disease by the germs and microorganisms that attack the delicate immune system.
Arterial plaque is caused by excessive build-up of fat deposits, high cholesterol, and disease. While the plaque in the arteries, known as atherosclerosis, is very different than dental plaque, they correlate due to oral plaques bacteria and inflammatory response, which can cause an adverse systemic reaction via bacteria entering the bloodstream. Dental plaque causes periodontal disease and those with gingivitis are two times more likely to have a vascular disorder like heart attacks and strokes.
Achieving and maintaining optimum oral health is essential for your overall wellbeing.
Periodontal Disease Can Attribute to:
• Infections
• Heart Disease
• Strokes
• Diabetes
• Child Birth Issues
• Headaches
• Cancer
• Other Disorders
If you have any form of gum discomfort, bleeding or bad breath, it’s important to consult with your dentists about getting your conditions treated right away. Often, just getting a deep scaling, which is a cleaning that goes a little deeper under the gum line, will correct mild to moderate periodontal disease. Loose teeth and infection in your gingival tissues, are easily treated by a periodontal specialist, as they can provide you with options to get your mouth healthy again. These include deep scaling’s, gingival grafts, laser treatment and pocket reduction procedures. Periodontists must complete three more years of specialized training along with their DMD to become a specialist.
Brushing your teeth efficiently for a full two-minutes is often neglected. We need to brush correctly to clean each surface of every tooth and gumline gently. The importance of flossing cannot be stressed enough. Dentists and Hygienist convey this message regularly to their patients, but unfortunately, in our fast-paced world, many people find it too time-consuming to floss daily, but in reality, it only takes a minute to floss your teeth. When this step is avoided, food and bacteria harbor in the interproximal space between teeth, and that’s where the periodontal infection begins. Flossing twice a day is ideal, and seeing your dentist, or hygienist on a regularly scheduled basis is vital to keeping your gums healthy.
Whether you have heart disease, diabetes or another medical condition, full disclosure is important for your general health and the health of your mouth. Many individuals fail to tell their dentist about their current health disorders, but with all of the evidence pointing to these strong correlations, it’s imperative to let them know about your situation and any new medications that you’re taking.
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