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Do You Have Neuropathy? How Alternative Medicine is Helping to TREAT the Disorder

Do You Have NeuropathyDiabetic neuropathy is a progressive disease that affects nearly 200,000 new patients per year. Understanding the disease state is complex, but in short, having high blood sugar levels, along with low blood and oxygen supply, damages the nerves throughout the body. This damage generally affects the long peripheral nerves that feed sensations to the legs, feet, and toes from the spinal cord, through communication with the brain. If your condition has progressed, you may feel nerve damage sensations in your upper extremities as well.

Typically, Neuropathy is associated with diabetes, as it’s common for nerve damage to have occurred in individuals with high glucose storage, but neuropathy can also be attributed to chemotherapy, injuries, autoimmune diseases, compressed spinal vertebrae, cholesterol medication side effects, a build-up of toxins, and vascular disease.

Nerve damage happens when the small blood vessels, which supply blood and nutrients to the nerves becomes impaired. When the nerves are no longer fed nutrients, they either die, or their signals to the brain become restricted and ineffective. In the United States, neuropathy affects nearly 20 million people.

Do you have any of these symptoms of neuropathy?
• Tingling
• Numbness
• Burning
• Sensations of cold/hot
• Stumbling
• Impingements
• Electrical vibrating sensations
• Falling
• Lack of strength
• Decreased range-of-motion
• Muscle cramps
• Joint inflammation

Alternative Treatment
The most common treatment for nerve damage is to mask it with prescription medications, but there is a way to actually “treat” the symptoms and improve the nerve function in the body. Over the past decade, Cold Laser Therapy has been effectively proven to treat and reduce neuropathic issues.

A cold laser uses no thermal or heating effect; it creates microcirculation around the nerve fibers through a concentrated light that penetrates through the skin without any injections or cutting. It is easily placed on the areas of concern and permeates the body through an intense light beam.

The laser therapy is quick, painless and highly effective. With the laser light’s infiltration, an increase in ATP (Energy) along with an increase in mitochondrial cell function takes place. This increase causes the healing and stimulation of damaged nerves to begin through the circulatory response.

The Advantages of Cold Laser Therapy:
• Decreases inflammation
• Stimulates tendon healing
• Incites nerve healing
• Helps wounds to heal more quickly
• Decreases numbness
• Decreases tingling
• Improves circulation
• Increases oxygen-rich blood
• Improves microvessel flow
• Remove toxins

It’s often beneficial to co-treat difficult cases of neuropathy, so along with the cold laser therapy, synergistic approaches are regularly sought after by patients to get them back to an improved functionality quicker than normal.

Additional Physical Medicine, and Alternative Care:
• Decompression
• Electrical nerve stimulation
• Manual stretching
• Massage therapy
• Natural supplementation to the regenerate myelin sheath

Treating the underlying cause of neuropathy is essential. Having a comprehensive evaluation to define your level of nerve damage, the source of the nerves involved, and the ancillary indications, are all critical steps to your outcome. A regenerative medicine expert will walk you through the best treatment options available.

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