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Dr. Vallabhan Highlights a Couple Patients that Have Heart

Dr. Vallabhan, know as “Dr. V” to his patients has always stood out from the rest  because of his personal interest in every patient that comes to see him.   His mantra is “I will watch over you and treat you as I want to be treated when, one day, I am the patient and not the doctor.  And that’s my promise to you.”  To him, every patient is like a part of his family because he takes time to get to know them personally.
Here are two of his patients telling us about the care they received under Dr. Vallabhan:
Carol B., 70 Year Old Patient
After her first meeting with Dr. Vallabhan, Carol felt compelled to express how great her experience was.   After her younger brother had been diagnosed with Afib, Carol wanted to get checked out by a Cardiologist.  While sitting in the lobby of Dr. Vallabhan’s office, she noticed his ad in Health & Wellness Magazine that stated “It’s your heart.  It should be personal.  And that’s how I treat it. – Dr. Vallabhan”  Carol was skeptical but after her appointment was over she truly believed that this was not false advertising.   While taking her stress test, she couldn’t believe that Dr. Vallabhan came in every minute or so and asked how she was doing, even with the stress tech in the room.  Because you can get all your nuclear scans right at the office, Carol did just that and was surprised when Dr. Vallabhan put his arm around her immediately after and said “Don’t worry, you don’t have Afib”.  This not only impressed her but put her mind at ease.  And every appointment since has been just as personal.  Dr. Vallabhan takes time to explain every scan directly on his computer.  He went through Carol’s personal family photos with her.  She thought how amazing this was considering that most doctors never take that one on one time with you.  In fact, her sister in law had told her that her cardiologist who she had seen for 10 years didn’t even know her name.  This is not the case at Dr. Vallabhan’s office.  The staff is warm and friendly and you seen the doctor every time you come in.  Carol is now a life-long patient.  She said Dr. Vallabhan even told her that she has the heart that he hopes to have at her age.   This is what patient care should be and what sets Dr. Vallabhan apart in the eyes of his patients.
Joy, 62 Year Old – Patient
Joy, 62, is a spunky energetic lady who was a physical therapist in Maryland for over 38 years.   In  fact, she had  worked  in  a  hospital before and had a good understanding of proper medical care.  Joy did have slightly elevated LDL and mild hypertention and was being treated by her internist. Although she had a strong family history of heart disease, she didn’t have the normal predictors like high blood pressure and cholesterol.  In fact, Joy thought that the family curse had skipped her.  That all changed one night after dinner with her ailing mother.  She had nausea and then vomiting.  Joy knew from her medical training that she was having a heart attack and that women’s symptoms often time are different from men’s.  She immediately went to the hospital and was attended to by Dr. Vallabhan.  Joy was thoroughly impressed with Dr. V.  He went over what had happened and the stent procedure that he needed to perform on her.  Joy couldn’t believe how wonderful Dr. Vallabhan was and that he put her at ease immediately with his personal concern of her welfare.  He explained everything in detail until Joy was confident and prepared for her stent operation.  Dr. V even went over the procedure on his computer.   And the follow up at Dr V ‘s office was incredible too.  His friendly and knowledgeable staff invited her in and made her feel at home.  And to her amazement, Dr. V is the only person she saw.  In all Joy, received four stents and feels fantastic.  In fact, she sent her husband to Dr. V too!  She now feels compelled to tell everyone she knows about her cardiologist….Dr. Vallabhan.
Dr. Vallabhan appreciates each and every one of his patients and wants them that it is an honor to be chosen as their Cardiologist.
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929 N. Highway 441
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(352) 750-2040

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