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– By Diana Dyer, ARNP –
HAS THE SECRET TO REAL WEIGHT LOSS BEEN DISCOVERED IN SCANDINAVIA?Does the secret to weight loss reside in Scandinavia? And does that very secret lead to the dissolving of belly fat, or visceral fat as it is referred to? These questions come to light and shed answers for many as VISI Weight Loss has arrived into the United States and Canada most recently. More and more people are seeing amazing results with taking a single capsule of this complete wholistic nutraceutial goodness just once a day. Visceral fat, by far the most deadly of body fat is both the most stubborn and the current marker of one’s risk for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Visceral, or belly fat, is the fat which is between the gut and the organs, or viscera as it is medically referred to. This fat is not really addressed in the commonly used BMI measurement, and thus masks the highest risk for mortality in both men and women.
Body mass index or BMI was once the index that medical providers used to assess risk factors. It is now held that the waist to hip ratio is more accurate and rapidly becoming the new BMI. But why you might ask is this fat any different that other fats. The fat around our organs is the most metabolically active in that it releases inflammatory enzymes that are released into the blood stream. The result is increased blood pressure as well as clot formations in the arteries. Subcutaneous fat or that which one can grab a hold of is less chemically active in promoting chronic diseases. The BMI does not provide for measurements that separate muscle from fat, this measurement can be misleading. It can lead to labeling those individuals with more muscle mass and less body fat as being overweight. Equally important, and even more disconcerting is the individuals with the label of normal BMI who have significant amounts of belly fat. This presents an inaccurate presentation about your health and risk factors for diabetes and heart disease.
A hip to waist measurement helps to identify the skinny individual with a thick middle, no muscle mass, and little protective fat, such as that in the rear or hips. So a large waist circumference, such as 43.4 inches or more for women and 47.2 inches or more for men poses a two-fold higher risk for mortality, regardless of either weight or BMI as recently reported by the Archives of Internal Medicine. If your waist is bigger than your hips, you are in trouble. This is really a game changer in setting goals for weight loss for both men and women. That leads us back to Scandinavia, the land of the midnight sun. It is here we find one of the richest antioxidant sources in berries most coveted for health benefits for years. Combine this with the power house of other potent antioxidants and ingredients for burning stored fat, increasing thermogenesis, decreasing appetite, increasing mental clarity and balancing, and you have a a revolutionary formula for achieving the synergy required for success. It is an all natural nutraceutical, nothing synthetic, or un-natural. No stimulants involved.
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Become the Visi, the visionary, the warrior for optimal health.
Diana Dyer, ARNP
Diana Dyer holds a masters degree in Nursing from the University of Michigan in women’s health and nurse midwifery and practices in Florida. She also has her own consulting business, Holistic Woman that includes both working as a NP in women’s health, and consulting for a urology group performing urodynamic testing for men and women. Her work for the last year and a half has been as an incontinence specialist working with men and women.

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