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By the ImageLift Team –
IM REALLY SCARED ABOUT  DOING A COSMETIC TREATMENTSo what can I do about my wrinkles and sagging skin?  ImageLift has the answers for you!  We hear this every day from our patients, and at ImageLift we are excited to offer the latest technologies and treatments to solve this problem.
Understand that most will tell you the answer to your fears of cosmetic procedures are fillers and injectables. We are here to tell you that answer is WRONG!!! Please do not make the avoidable mistake that so many do, we have all seen the Hollywood celebs that have yet to learn this valuable lesson.
The right answer is never a treatment, laser, filler, lift, or post you read on the internet. The correct way to ensure the best experience and natural results is by choosing the right artist who is the expert in the area of your interest. Be very cautious about choosing an artist that does not specialize in your area of interest. You always want to know what your doctor specializes in. They may be very good at doing some treatments, just make sure that the majority of their practice focuses on what you are looking to achieve.
At ImageLift, we pride ourselves on having the highest of standards for our patients that want no downtime treatments. Many patients will stick their toe in the water by doing some botulinum toxin or one of many FDA approved fillers that we offer. And, at ImageLift, we do not use nurse practitioners or assistants to perform injections. You will be treated by THE DOCTOR, a double board certified facial plastic surgeon with years of experience treating thousands of patients.
When discussing wrinkles in our face, consider that we want strong muscles in our body, and slightly weaker muscles in our forehead and worry lines to prevent the creases from getting deeper. We call these injections our “therapeutic acupuncture.” It has a way of taking your mind off of everything else in the world when you are getting your treatment! Yes, there are some “pinches” you will feel, though they are minor, manageable, and usually comparable or easier than going to the dentist. And the result is well worth the small discomfort of the treatments.
I often share the story of my 3-year-old niece that bumped her forehead and required a few stitches. She did not shed a single tear, and if I can make her happy, we promise we can make you comfortable as well.
Facial fillers and volumizers have come a long way, and ImageLift is proud to offer more choices. First of all, the best way to understand fillers is to look at your photos from 20 or 30 years ago. When we look at those pictures, you feel the nostalgia, the old memories come back, and then a part of us will say, “Wow, I have changed!!” A big part of why you look different is the loss of volume in your cheeks, soft tissue, and in the bony structures of your face.
To address this, temporary fillers can be nice for an immediate effect and to understand how you will like the volume. Though, we do have many patients that go directly to the longer lasting options. Long lasting fillers fall into two different categories: Semi-permanent and permanent. Our patients have reported semi-permanent fillers to last anywhere from 2 to 4 years, and permanent fillers are not absorbed by the body. Semi-permanent fillers are made up of a type of sugar that ultimately breaks down into lactic acid, a substance found naturally in our body. Over a period of months, you will see your results build, creating more volume and improving wrinkles in the skin.
Some patients are content with 1 session, others may choose a 2nd session of fillers, and some may even do a 3rd. It really depends on your outcomes, your anatomy, and how your body responds to the treatment. This strategy of 1, 2, or 3 sessions is the ONLY way that you will ensure you do not overcorrect. It is a nice benefit to build your body’s own collagen with semi-permanent fillers, and this is a very popular choice to improve your appearance without others knowing what you have done.
There are FDA approved permanent fillers made from a material that has been used in the medical industry for decades. Many of our patients love that they have these long-lasting solutions to choose from. Ultimately, these treatments are the best value as they last longer than any other filler available.
A word about fat grafting. We do offer it, and can get great results using your body’s own supply of tissue. However, when you speak with patients that have had fat grafting after 1 or 2 years, you find their satisfaction diminishes considerably. That is why more patients are choosing the semi-permanent and permanent fillers. Higher satisfaction, ease of treatment, and no downtime for the majority of treatments performed gives the semi-permanent and permanent injectables a clear advantage.
Rich Castellano, MD
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