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Ineffective Treatment for Anxiety is a Common Issue

Ineffective Treatment for Anxiety is a Common IssueThe intriguing anatomy and process of our brains help us to better understand the production of fear, anxiety, worry and the decision to take flight or to fight.
Although medical professionals are still discovering new reasons for depression and anxiety to this day, we know that a tiny portion in the brain called the amygdala, stores emotional and threatening thoughts, along with memories from our early childhood to present day.
Anxiety & The Brain
There are neurotransmitters throughout the entire body that send signals to the brain, alerting you instantaneously of real or perceived danger. Stress is made up of both psychological and physical symptoms.  The psychological part creates the nervousness, fear and worry, while the physical aspect produces sweating, rapid heart palpitations, a rise in blood pressure, nausea and shortness of breath.
When anxiety disorders are left untreated or undertreated, several areas of the brain like the hippocampus (regulates emotions) and the prefrontal cortex (decision making, planning abilities) shrink causing long-term damage.
The stark reality is that “standard of care” treatment for anxiety often falls short.  When these therapies disappoint, patients need alternatives for their brain and bodily health, cognition and long-term ability to function and experience calm.
The standard care is behavioral therapy, counseling, and anti-anxiety medications.  The problem is treatment is often just not enough due to the brain’s complexities, and anti-anxiety meds are addictive and very often fail to keep working for many patients.
What’s the alternative?  Our brain and nerve cells have cannabinoid receptors, so our bodies naturally react to cannabis (medical marijuana). The structure of cannabis interacts directly with our cells.  Our natural endocannabinoid system works synergistically with medical marijuana, creating a multitude of beneficial reactions in the body.  The endocannabinoid cells have tiny receptors that take in chemicals and produce responses.  This natural system in our bodies regulates things like mood, sleeping, immunity, pleasure, memory and much more.
There are two different forms of medical treatment through cannabis.  The first is the natural marijuana plant that contains both CBD and THC, and the second is the altered version of the plant that has been through a hybrid process to lighten the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) level.  CBD or cannabinoids can treat many different forms of diseases and disorders with no THC.  THC is the mind-altering, euphoric component of marijuana that gives the “high” feeling.  With CBD plants, the THC levels have been extracted through a vigorous process, leaving zero to little THC levels.  CBD is an excellent alternative for patients that would benefit from cannabinoids alone, while other more complex medical cases require the additional advantages of THC to be included in the leaves of the marijuana.
Along with multiple disease states and disorders, Medical Marijuana is approved for PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety.  The standard treatment options for anxiety disorders are antidepressants. These medications play a role in how the neurotransmitters affect the mood by improving your mood and creating a more peaceful, cheerful spirit, by extinguishing the brain’s transmitters.  The problem is these drugs are highly addictive, have adverse side effects, and also in many cases, show signs of cognitive decline in long-term use.
The other issue with standard medications is that they more often than not, become ineffective and are unable to reverse feelings of severe depression.  This is called treatment-resistant depression.
Medical Marijuana is proving to be an effective treatment for anxiety, stress and depressive states given its ability to calm the body and mind by binding to the cannabinoid receptors.  There are even studies that indicate it’s long-term effectiveness in repairing the brain cells and effects that cause anxiety.
Support continues to grow for Medical Marijuana with AARP surveys showing 80% of older Americans (50-80 years) approve of the drug for treatments. Further, most Americans think Medical Cannabis helps with reducing pain and anxiety and is less likely to cause cancer than tobacco and less addictve than prescription Opioids.
Getting help from Certified Medical Marijuana Physicians
There are multiple regulations and protocols that physicians must adhere to when prescribing medical marijuana.  Omni Medical Services has gained a longstanding reputation of experience over the past seven years, helping over 30,000 patients in practices across five States in diagnosing and deciphering the need for THC and CBD products.
Since its founding in Michigan in 2011, this Doctor owned and operate company has been a premier provider in Medical Marijuana certifications in Florida since 2016. When you choose to receive your care through Omni Medical Services, you’ll receive compassionate treatment from a State certified doctor who specializes in providing safe, affordable, and reliable access to those seeking a medical marijuana certification. Omni’s goal is to be the standard of care and provide a better quality of life for their patients. They maintain an active role in the management of their medical services including concierge services and individual DNA testing to inform and enhance the health and well-being of a patient.
Omni’s highly trained doctors, caregivers and administrative assistants are knowledgeable and well versed in all Florida medical marijuana laws and ready to help you through the process of getting your medical marijuana card and use medical CANNABIS legally.
OMNI Medical Services
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