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Prostate Cancer and Prevention

Do we know enough to significantly reduce  our risk of Prostate Cancer?
Written by, Carolyn Waygood, Certified Natural Health Professional & Plexus Ambassador –
Prostate CancerProstate cancer is currently the second leading cause of cancer death in men in the U.S., and it’s about time we help educate men on ways to reduce their risk of this debilitating disease beyond the typical advice to “eat right and exercise more”. While eating a diet high in cruciferous vegetables and reducing saturated fats (among other things) has been known to reduce risk of many diseases including prostate cancer, and the link between regular exercise and better health is widely known, we now know there are many other ways to reduce one’s risk of developing prostate cancer. “Prostate cancer may seem inevitable in some men”, reports Positive Med in an article entitled “Dramatically Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk”. However, “growing evidence suggests you can dramatically reduce the risk of this cancer, and slow its progression if you already have it”. Since there are ways to delay cancer’s development or inhibit its growth, why aren’t we broadcasting it over the radio? Do your part in sharing this important information this June (Men’s Health Month), and pass this article on to the men in your life!
It’s Better to Prevent than to Treat
Most medical professionals know that over the course of a lifetime a man could engage in healthy dietary practices consuming a lot of tomatoes, cruciferous vegetables, green tea, pomegranates, and soy protein, and probably significantly lower their risk of prostate cancer. “There are a number of good opportunities for men to avail themselves with potentially preventing prostate cancer”, admits Dr. Gerald L. Andriole Jr, MD, Professor and Chief, Division of Urologic Surgery, Washington University School of Medicine, in his paper titled Contemporary Prostate Cancer Prevention. “We know about vitamins and minerals, specifically selenium and vitamin E, and we know there’s good laboratory data that COX-2 inhibitors (COX-2 is an enzyme responsible for inflammation and pain) may be effective preventatives of prostate cancer. I think there is a lot of good news out there about prostate cancer prevention.”
Start by Reducing Inflammation
Based on data from a new study at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, published April 2014 titled Biomarkers & Prevention., men who suffer from chronic prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland) may have close to twice the risk of developing prostate cancer compared to those without inflammation. Although the study can’t prove which came first “the chicken or the egg”, in other words it is indeterminable whether inflammation played a factor in the development of cancerous cells, or whether the presence of cancer cells instigated the inflammation, both medical and scientific research has linked chronic inflammation to many diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and prostate cancer. “This study is a big step in preventing prostate cancer and advocating surveillance of men with BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) and chronic prostate inflammation. Treating and avoiding inflammation of the prostate could reduce the number of cases yearly which develop into prostate cancer.” added Dr. David Samadi, Chair of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.
As explained in a paper entitled “Inflammation and Prostate Cancer” published by the National Institute of Health, “Chronic inflammation has been associated with the development of malignancy in several other organs such as esophagus, stomach, colon, liver and urinary bladder”. The report explains that inflammation is thought to promote the development of cancer by causing cellular damage. Could it be that inflammation, either in conjunction with other things, such as diet and heredity, or by itself, is the cause of the oxidative damage that leads to cancer? There is precedent for this idea. Inflammation is known to cause damage to cells and to DNA. It is already known that long-term inflammation is associated with many kinds of tumors. For example, chronic hepatitis causes cancer of the liver; chronic stomach inflammation causes stomach cancer; reflux esophagitis, over time, can cause cancer of the esophagus. “Natural health practitioners are taught to consider chronic inflammation as the precursor to most diseases”, notes Carolyn Waygood, Certified Natural Health Professional and student of Naturopathy. “As a result, if we can reduce or control chronic inflammatory conditions, we can potentially reduce the risk of many associated illnesses.”
As with every illness, a Natural Health Professional would ask “what is causing the inflammation, and how do we reduce or eliminate it?”. Since the prostate is located adjacent to the bladder, urethra and rectum, chronic strain or injury to these anatomical structures could contribute to surrounding inflammation. Therefore, the optimal health of these body parts may reduce one’s risk of localized inflammation and ultimately developing prostate cancer. Drinking adequate amounts of water can help flush the bladder and keep the urethra clean, and maintaining healthy body pH levels and avoiding over-acidity of the urine and other body fluids may also improve bladder and urethra health. Maintaining healthy digestion and elimination is important to colon health, and avoiding chronic constipation will help reduce strain in the rectal region which could, in turn, cause swelling of the prostate. It is also known that elevation of estrogens in the presence of testosterone results in a prostate-specific inflammatory response. So maintaining a balance of these powerful hormones can also help maintain prostate health. “Although many things could be responsible for inflammation of the prostate”, advises Ms. Waygood, “educating oneself of common inflammatory factors is powerful ammunition in the fight against prostate disease.”
The Plexus Fast-Relief Pain supplement was specially formulated to help reduce inflammation using well-known anti-inflammatory enzymes such as Serrapeptase and Bromelain. Serrapeptase is known as the “Miracle Enzyme,” and with more than 25 years of research in Europe, has proven to deliver significant relief from pain and inflammation without the usual side effects of NSAIDs. Bromelain is another enzyme shown to possess substantial anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties. But what truly sets the Plexus Fast-Relief Pain capsules apart from other anti-inflammatory products on the market is the added ingredient ETArol™. This patented, highly purified extract of the New Zealand green lipped mussel contains all the potent and wide-ranging properties of its source, including anti-inflammatory support, pain relief and tissue regeneration. Scientific findings show ETArol™ is the superior source of the green lipped mussel, and is known to be a 5-LOX inhibitor (like COX-2, the biological compound 5-LOX also plays a major role in the inflammatory process) in patients with arthritis. Taking between 2 to 4 Fast-Relief Pain capsules daily, depending upon the severity of inflammation, has shown to significantly reduce pain and chronic inflammation.
The Plexus BioCleanse supplement was formulated to improve intestinal health and bowel elimination while improving body pH and oxygen levels. An oxygenating magnesium complex, BioCleanse helps restore health of the intestinal muscle used to move waste out of the body, and reduce inflammation caused from acidic conditions. Oxygen works to neutralize acidic conditions while improving cellular health, and inhibits the growth of pathogens in the intestinal tract which may also lead to inflammatory conditions. Men who suffer from chronic constipation have found relief with daily use of Plexus BioCleanse, and may also benefit from the Plexus ProBio5 supplement. When problems with elimination are linked to inadequate digestion, the healthy probiotics and helpful digestive enzymes contained in ProBio5 can help. While important enzymes such as protease and peptizyme help break down food more fully, added probiotics help maintain bacterial balance. Together, these powerful daily supplements help maintain intestinal health and may reduce strain and inflammation associated to chronic constipation.
The Link Between Prostate Disease and Elevated Glucose & Inulin Levels
According to the National Institute of Health, “the effect of insulin resistance was apparent”1 in recent studies addressing the association between prostate cancer risk and insulin sensitivity or resistance. Although past research has frequently shown that obesity is a strong risk factor for adult-onset diabetes, the link between obesity and cancer is less widely known. But that is changing. Recent studies have confirmed that excess weight is associated with the incidence and mortality of a number of cancers, such as colon, pancreas, and kidney, in addition to aggressive prostate cancer in men and breast cancer and endometrial cancer in women. More recently, researchers have narrowed down one of the primary culprits in the link between weight and cancer – insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a condition whereby some organs become resistant to insulin’s ability to shuttle glucose into cells, especially after eating a meal high in carbohydrates.
Edward L. Giovannucci, MD, ScD, Professor of Nutrition and Epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health explains it this way; “The link between insulin resistance and cancer may be related to the compensatory high levels of insulin. Insulin is an important growth factor for body tissues. Typically, insulin increases when nutrients are plentiful, and drops dramatically during a fasting state. Insulin may signal cells to increase rapidly in number through a variety of mechanisms. Insulin could directly signal growth, or it could do this by increasing the levels of other potent growth factors (insulin-like growth factors [IGF]), or it could make cells more sensitive to other growth factors. Although cancer is a complex, multifactorial disease, one of the consistent characteristics of cancer cells is their ability to grow uncontrollably and to be resistant to programmed death. Thus, growth factors are critical to the initial development of cancers, as well as to their progression.”
Plexus Slim, a powdered drink mix formulated using natural ingredients and designed to help balance blood sugar while increasing insulin sensitivity and breaking down glucose, was originally created to help Type 2 Diabetics better manage glucose & insulin levels. Now available through Plexus Health Ambassadors, Plexus Slim has helped people all over the world lose weight, balance blood sugar, control the appetite, and achieve greater energy – naturally! Men who face an increased risk of prostate or other disease due to excess weight or insulin resistance, may find help losing weight and balancing glucose levels with Plexus Slim & Accelerator. Mixing one packet of Plexus Slim into a bottle of water, shaking, and drinking each morning before breakfast, and taking 1 to 2 Plexus Accelerator supplements along with any other daily vitamins, has helped hundreds of thousands of people lose weight naturally, and improve glucose and insulin levels.
Richard is 5’ 4”, and at his worst weighed 305 lbs. and was on a fist-full of medications for blood pressure, his heart, and high triglycerides and cholesterol levels.  “We went to a trade show and saw a Plexus booth,” Richard said. “I wanted nothing to do with this ‘wonder product.’ My wife loved me so much that she went behind my back and bought some. I am so thankful she did; Plexus has saved my life.” Now, nine months after starting with Plexus, Richard has lost 45 lbs., and nine inches around his waist. In December, his doctor took him off the last of his medications!
“I feel a responsibility to share Plexus with everyone. My future was so bleak and now I get to be there for my kids and grandchildren.”
– Richard Chamberlain
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