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Remove Unsightly and Painful Varicose Veins Using Laser Technology

By Tom Tran PA-C, MPAs, NCCPA Surgery Board Certified
Various statistics indicate that more that 50% of the people in United Sates are affected by the vein problem called varicose veins. When blood is pumped in the body against gravity, the veins become enlarged due to the backflow of blood. The veins that become enlarged are called varicose veins. If left untreated, varicose veins can become very painful and cause problems well beyond cosmetic ones.
The fact is, the formation of varicose veins present health hazards that many are not aware of. Varicose veins can become painful while walking, and scratching the veins can cause ulcers. Thankfully there are many treatment options available for dealing with varicose veins. Professional vein care specialists make use of some of the state of the art medical technologies to get rid of this problem. Laser vein therapy is one of the popular treatment options available today.
What is Laser vein therapy?
Laser technology is used in many medial operations today. This advanced technology is used in many cosmetic treatments. When it comes to the treatment of the varicose veins, the use of the laser technology is indispensable because there are only a few, or  often no side-effects associated with the use of laser technology in treating the varicose veins. With various researches and tests, the vein therapy specialists have developed an advanced laser treatment system called Endovenous Laser Ablation.
Endovenous Laser Ablation is an in-office procedure and takes less than an hour to achieve the same results as a major surgical vein stripping. The major vein stripping has become an old-fashioned procedure and is not offered or recommended.
Using ultrasound guidance and local anesthesia, the procedure is performed with a laser fiber inserted through a small puncture into the vein. As the fiber is slowly advanced to the desired area, it is gradually withdrawn. As the fiber is withdrawn, the vein shrinks and seals. In most cases, these veins are the root cause of smaller varicose veins, and there is very minimal pain or any associated scarring.
This procedure has a 98% success rate in most cases, and the entire process involves minimal pain. Recovery is faster and most daily activities can be resumed the following day.
With the introduction of this cutting edge technology , vein removal has become safer and effective than ever before.
Tom Tran PA-C, MPAs is one of the few Physician Assistants in the US that is NCCPA Surgery Boarded. He has extensive training, which includes 10 years experience in Trauma, General, and Vascular Surgery. He invented the Transcatheter Extractor®. He was awarded Florida PA of the year in 2007, and is the current Treasurer of the National PA Foundation. He is the Clinical Director at Comprehensive Vein Center in The Villages, which has been a state of the art Vein Center designated to vein treatment for over four years. He has performed over 2,500 Laser and VNUS Closure procedures, and over 10,000 combined Ultrasound Guided foam and Visual Cosmetic Sclerotherapy procedures.
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