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The Latest Breakthroughs in MRI Technology are at RAO

The Latest Breakthroughs in MRI Technology are at RAOEach year, millions of Americans present with an injury or health issue that requires a Magnetic Resonance Imaging test, or MRI, to get to the root of the problem, making MRI one of the most common diagnostic tests utilized by medical professionals today. MRI delivers uniquely precise interior views for accurate diagnoses without exposing patients to ionizing radiation, making it a go-to test for everything from brain scans to breast exams to bone, muscle and tendon injuries. Among its many attributes, MRI has proven to be a safe, painless, non-invasive way to pinpoint the tiniest abnormality while eliminating potentially dangerous and distressing exploratory surgeries for countless patients worldwide.
“MRI uses a sophisticated combination of magnetic fields and radio waves to capture highly detailed cross-sectional images of internal tissues and structures,” says RAO radiologist Dr. Ryan Tompkins. “These are sent to a computer screen for review by your radiologist and rapidly delivered to your doctor for his or her analysis.”
Since MRI technology first began being used in the late 1970s, it has advanced by leaps and bounds, becoming quicker, more accurate and more comfortable for patients. “RAO is a pioneering provider of the latest MRI scanning equipment,” says radiologist John Boon, MD, “including the Oasis™ ultra-wide open MRI for larger patients, children and those prone to anxiety or claustrophobia. Our TimberRidge facility is one of the few local offices to feature High Performance Open MRI for enhanced accuracy and faster image production without enclosing patients in a tight space, which makes it much more comfortable and pleasant.”
“And that’s important,” adds Dr. Edson Cortes, “because our team of 19 Board Certified radiologists and support staff are concerned about patients’ psychological as well as physical well-being, and we do everything in our power to support both.”
RAO’s TimberRidge facility accepts appointments for the Oasis™ Open MRI to patients with a doctor’s referral. “Its wide table gives it an open, airy feeling, and it can accommodate patients up to 660 pounds,” says Dr. Brian Cartwright. “It allows us to offer MRI’s diagnostic capabilities, accuracy and safety to more patients than ever before. We’re proud to be a regional leader in MRI technology.”
RAO’s Medical Imaging Center offers extended weekday hours and Saturday appointments, so getting the tests you need is easier than ever. When you need an MRI or other diagnostic test, ask your doctor about RAO. No one does more to provide the most innovative, accurate and caring diagnostic and therapeutic services.
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