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Not all Stem Cells are Equal: The Most Powerful Cells that Treat and Alleviate Numerous Disorders

Not all Stem Cells are EqualThere are all different types of stem cells, but the most effective are stem cells taken from the placental membrane.  The stem cells are collected and frozen for future use providing the most effective cells that are full of nutrients, minerals, amino acids and proteins and have the ability to reproduce and regenerate new cells throughout the body. Totipotent stem cells are one of the most powerful stem cells available because they have the potential to develop into any cell found in the human body.

A multipotent tissue matrix can be used to treat and replenish areas of the entire body from head to toe. Stem cells worked wonders in repairing and regenerating tissue. Totipotent cells and allograft tissue is derived from a human and is completely acceptable to the human body. These cells are non-hormonal and have no side effects, and they are highly accepted as natural cells to the body.

These multi-active cells are from strictly screened human tissue (placenta).  All of the screened and selected cases are thoroughly checked and passed through vigorous medical history as well as social history testing, making this treatment safe, natural, and effective alternative for healing the body.

During the cesarean procedure, the placenta retained is processed through high-level technology to extract these multipotent cells.  Since the early 1900s, the product has been used in burn cases, open wounds, and orthopedic cases to rejuvenate the affected areas and promote healing and new cell growth.

The benefit from placenta-derived stem cells lies within the membrane. The membrane produces cells that can regenerate and become any one of a number of cells in the body, as the fetus is developing. For example, if the fetus is developing a nervous system, then the cells taken from that time will differentiate and become cells of the nervous system. If the fetus is developing bone cells and cartilage, the cells would differentiate and grow bone or cartilage cells, and if the fetus is developing skin cells, the cells will differentiate and become regenerative skin cells within the body.

This cryogenically preserved amniotic tissue has a “100-year history” with no reported recipient rejections. The stem cells are obtained only from live, healthy births. No embryonic tissues or no tissue from aborted fetuses are ever used.   The stem cells are collected through aseptic recovery techniques during a planned caesarian section of full-term deliveries from a healthy woman aged 18-35 years of age.  These women have been prescreened under strict guidelines by the FDA and American Association of Tissue Banks for infectious disease and have undergone extensive testing and screening.

The Benefits of Stem Cells
• Arthritis
• Soft Tissue Injuries
• Anti-Aging
• Erectile Dysfunction
• Vaginal Atrophy
• Skin and Tissue Rejuvenation
• Anti-Inflammatory
• Immunomodulatory (Can help with some
autoimmune diseases)
• Stem Cell IV Push Therapy
• Stem Cell Microneedling
• Neuropathy
• Spinal Stenosis
• And Much More

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Dr. Harold Lawler
Blending holistic, alternative and western medicine, Dr. Lawler gets his patients in optimum health. Dr. Lawler’s mission is to reduce the number of unnecessary prescriptions and use alternative methods to improve a person quality of life.  Dr. Lawler believes that extending the life of someone with unimproved medical conditions defeats the purpose of healthcare.  His goal is to give each of his patients a life worth living by helping them to achieve optimal health.

• Real Answers For Your Healthcare Needs
• Functional Medicine
• Natural Alternatives
• Eliminate Countless Prescriptions
• Stem Cells

What’s most important is getting you in the healthiest state possible.  Dr. Lawler works personally with his patients in regards to their specific needs.  Contact his office today to schedule your appointment.



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