Thursday , March 4 2021

Activate your stem cells

A safe way to a healthier you

Christine Meiner, M.Sc

Activate your stem cellsAdult stem cells play a critical role in our overall health and longevity. In 2006 the New England Journal of Medicine stated that the number one indicator
of wellness is directly correlated to the number of adult stem cells in the blood stream.

What are stem cells? They are cells with the potential to develop into any kind of cell needed.
They have the incredible ability to heal and repair any organ or tissue. All stem cells share at least these two characteristics: they can make identical copies of themselves and, unlike other cells, either self-renew as stem cells or dierentiate into other kinds of cells.

While our need for adult stem cells increases dramatically as we age, the older we get, Scientific and clinical research from around the world, over 6,400 studies, consistently show that adult stem cells can help combat almost any condition caused by the damage to the body’s cells by injury or aging.

“Stem cells have been proven to help your body treat, beat, and even heal some of our most chronic health conditions and life-threatening injuries. These powerful healing cells miraculously mold themselves to heal your body on a cellular level. The advancements in stem-cell therapy in the past two decades are
completely rewriting what we think we know about human healing and the power of our own body to eradicate illness, injury and chronic conditions.”

There are hundreds of stemcell therapy clinics worldwide and over 500 in the US. These clinics offer interventions for sports injuries along with various conditions like autism, multiple sclerosis, COPD, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. As with other medical procedures, the results vary greatly. Stemcell therapy is still considered experimental and may not be covered by insurance. Increasing the number of circulating adult stem cells has the potential to regenerate areas in the body already damaged. Whether we have had an injury, illness, or are experiencing signs of aging, stem-cell activation can quickly transform our quality of life. Stem-cell therapy can be considered a regenerative therapy—rewinding our biological clock.

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