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Active Joints, Amazing Skin™

Active Joints, Amazing SkinAdvanced science is completely changing the way you age. Clinically-tested Liquid BioCellTM takes years off your appearance and remarkably reduces wrinkles from the inside-out without cosmetic injections and reduces the enzyme that can make your skin age.
For younger-looking skin, it’s necessary to replace or rebuild the underlying structure. Unfortunately, getting to this deep layer of skin, called the dermis, isn’t a simple matter because the skin’s outer layer purposefully protects that structure.
Creams and lotions can’t easily reach the dermis; they work on a topical level. Cosmetic injections can penetrate the structure from the outside, but that’s not always an easy, healthy, long-term, or cost-effective option. Researchers looked for an alternative that works and found it in Liquid BioCellTM.
By drinking Liquid BioCellTM hyaluronic acid increases in the body. Liquid BioCellTM improves skin tone and texture, helps bring elasticity and moisture back to the skin, and even goes an important step further, it helps reduce the enzyme that can make your skin age.
Are you one of the 40 million people who suffers from joint or mobility issues? Tens of thousands of men and women, young and old, have had their lives changed thanks to the clinically validated, super-nutraceutical…Liquid BioCellTM.
Joint problems can come with athletic activity, strenuous work, and aging. But what you’re really experiencing is the progressive degeneration of connective tissue where both collagen and hyaluronic acid are essential. Taken orally, in a patented, highly-absorbable form, Liquid BioCellTM allows you to replenish these important substances and is clinically shown to work!
Doctor’s Perspective
How I Believe Liquid BioCellTM Works.
Liquid BioCellTM very closely resembles our own connective tissue, and has a liquid delivery system that allows absorption to begin immediately. To understand how Liquid BioCellTM works, it is necessary to understand that every organ system in our body is composed of HA (hyaluronic acid), chondroitin sulfate, collagen, a number of different elements, and water.
Jusuru researchers discovered in the early 2000’s a matrix of collagen type II, HA, and chondroitin sulfate that very closely resembles our own connective tissue. In 2008 after years of additional research, a liquid form was produced. This brought about a quantum leap in bioavailability. Liquids have certain advantages over pills and capsules. Liquid BioCellTM begins to be absorbed immediately as we drink it via the blood vessels in the mouth and under the tongue.
Liquid BioCellTM patented hydrolysis process produces an ideal molecular weight for increased bioavailability. Another unique quality of Liquid BioCellTM makes it recognizable to our body for ease of assimilation. Liquid BioCellTM is a complex patented molecule composed of naturally occurring HA, chondroitin sulfate, and collagen type II that undergoes a patented hydrolysis process by which collagen peptides, and all other constituents, including hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate, are broken down to low molecular weight forms resulting in increased bioavailability.
Hyaluronic acid (HA) is an integral lubricating component of natural synovial fluid in the joints and is important to overall joint function and health. We begin to lose HA the day we are born and begin to absorb free radicals at the same time. Beginning in our late twenties or early thirties we also begin to lose collagen. The congruent decline of both HA and collagen brings about the changes that we recognize as aging, namely wrinkling and drying out of our skin, degradation of our joints, as well as a host of other changes.
As we age a couple of things come into play: 1) the effects of unremembered joint trauma, 2) the diminished quality of the synovial fluid. Just as our skin wrinkles, a similar process is going on in our joints. Liquid BioCellTM is clinically shown to increase HA levels in our bodies, help promote healthy cartilage, and I believe, improve the quality of synovial fluid.
I believe “bone on bone” is a misnomer. Another consideration that I believe, is the term bone on bone, that is frequently used to explain the x-ray
appearance of joint discomfort, is a misnomer. There is always a thin layer of cartilage present or the joint would be full of blood. In the worst hip or knee that I have ever operated on, there was always twenty to forty percent of fairly normal looking cartilage but slightly rough to feel. It is this same cartilage that I believe Liquid BioCellTM can support.
The source of the collagen in this product closely resembles our own connective tissue, thus allowing the body to recognize it.
The size of the molecule is so small that it is easily absorbed starting in the mucous membrane of our mouth.
Liquid BioCellTM is like nothing else we’ve seen. Liquid BioCell Life consists of three components: 1) Liquid BioCell, 2) resveratrol, 3) 13 antioxidant superfruits.
Resveratrol, comes from the skin of red grapes. It’s known for its antioxidant and cardiovascular health benefits. The term French Paradox was coined by Serge Renaud, a scientist from Bordeaux University in France. The French have the lowest incidence of heart disease and obesity despite their very rich diet. There are numerous studies supporting its beneficial qualities. Not all resveratrols are the same. Trans-resveratrol is the form used in Liquid BioCell Life, which is the pure, active, ultra-beneficial form of resveratrol.
Dr. Louis Brady is a graduate of Emory University’s School of Medicine and is Board Certified in Orthopedics. He is an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Central Florida, College of Medicine. Dr. Brady’s work in the area of orthopedics spans over four decades. According to Dr. Brady, Liquid BioCell Life is the most remarkable product to have ever been introduced for joints and the aging process. Dr. Brady believes that as orthopedic specialists begin recommending Liquid BioCellTM to their patients, we may see the incidence and severity of one’s joint problems, as we know it today, gradually declining.
For more information about the age-defying Liquid BioCellTM products, call Neil & Barb Ellis at 239-822-1106 today.

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