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An Advanced Solution for Women’s Sexual Health

An Advanced Solution for  Women’s Sexual HealthAs women age, or go through hormonal complications whether it’s from pregnancy, medications or menopause, sexual intimacy and disruptions are more common that most people are aware.
When the passion we’re experiencing with our partner seems less like an intense flame and more like a smoldering wick, issues can arise inside and outside of the bedroom. In relationships, sexual intimacy is a common issue that many couples suffer with, and they often do so silently, without much dialogue or solution, which can exacerbate other problems and cause a great deal of tension on the relationship. Sexual disorders can happen to both men and women. For women, it’s often due to vaginal atrophy. Intimacy issues can affect a partner’s psychological wellbeing, just as much as it does with the one with the condition.
What if there was a drug-free, noninvasive, in-office procedure with no side effects that had long-lasting results and could rejuvenate and regenerate your body back the way it once was? Well, there is. It’s called FemiWave.
FemiWave is a revolutionary procedure that uses low-intensity sound waves to restore sensation and natural lubrication and eliminate urinary incontinence. The procedure increases cell signaling in blood vessels, which increases blood flow to nerves and the vaginal lining.
FemiWave is a procedure that uses pulse waves to repair blood vessels, which improves blood flow to the vagina. Women can expect to experience increased sensitivity and lubrication, as well as strengthening, tightening and improved physical appearance. Overall, FemiWave helps enhance sexual performance and function. The procedure is noninvasive, comfortable and performed on the outer and inner labia right in the provider’s office. There is no downtime, drugs or laser, and results are long-lasting.
FemiWave uses shockwave therapy which has been around for years and is based on numerous clinical studies proven to increase blood flow and restore healthy tissue.
FemiWave Benefits
• Drug and laser free
• Long-term results that treat the root issue
• No risks, no side effects
• Safe for those who have had a hysterectomy
• Increases sensitivity and lubrication for shorter arousal time
• Improved control over urinary incontinence
• Tightens the vagina and improves physical appearance
• Enhanced ability to reach orgasm
• Heightened self-confidence
• Enriched quality of life
• Breaks down scar tissue from episiotomy repair
What is the difference between FemiWave and other vaginal rejuvenation options?
FemiWave is a long-term solution unlike anything else on the market that improves the overall function of the vagina. Other treatment options may usually focus on one thing like tightening or improving the look of the vagina. FemiWave is laser free and increases sensitivity, tightens, improves incontinence, increases lubrication and improves the overall appearance.1
If you want drug-free alternative options for your health needs, TNT treats both male and female patients who desire alternative therapies to get to the root cause of their conditions.
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FemiWave, “Learn more about FemiWave,”, Aventura, FL 2018

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