Tuesday , January 19 2021

Are You Ready to Live Pure?

We want to invite people back into their lives. To purify themselves of habits, relationships, and stressors that no longer serve them. We believe that striving towards physical fitness, happiness, and performance is an integration of the mind, body, and soul.

Our small group training programs and personal training options help individuals live with intent through individual coaching, decades of professional experience, and supportive community that builds relationships that last.

Our inclusive programs take place in an exclusive destination. Our class size is limited to 8 participants to offer a truly personal experience in our beautiful beach themed, fully equipped, 2500 sq foot facility located conveniently in South Tampa on gandy between Bayshore and Dale Mabry.

The Pure experience extends outdoors with dedicated areas for sports performance, strength, and childrens programing underneath the tranquil shade of vine covered oak trees. The highlight of our outdoor training space is a zen garden surrounded by palms under the creaking of old growth bamboo. We encourage members to stretch, meditate, read, or even enjoy a cup of coffee in our one of a kind space. Time in nature, mindfulness practice, and personal growth are at the heart of our philosophy. Whether it’s a cool down after a high intensity class, mommy & me yoga, workout and wine down, or our book club, we want you to connect. Connect to your breath, to like minded individuals, and most importantly to yourself and who you are becoming.

Our $99 introductory rate includes a personal assessment and access to unlimited classes. We personally cater a program that works for each individuals needs. As an added benefit members and Personal Training Clients will receive a digital program of their choice.

It’s easy to get started. Simply download the Pure South Tampa app in the app store and use code PUREINTENTIONS to register for a complimentary class.

Core Programs
Pure Intentions – Is an excellent starting point. Fundamental movement patterns of squats, lunges, hinges, loaded carries, push, and pull help participants build a foundation to improve their fitness and the confidence to try other disciplines.

Pure Strength & Movement – Is our signature program forged from many disciplines. This is a 4 phase workout that begins with movement prep and core work. Then transitions to interval training circuits for time efficient cardio benefit and to maximize caloric burn during the third phase. The strength phase focuses on total body functional and core strength. Finally the 4 th phase works to mobilize the targeted muscle groups and includes breathing practice to help members maximize recovery and minimize soreness.

Pure Kids – Is a skill development/ athletic performance program for children ages 5-10. Kids will learn running form, athletic position, jumping mechanics, and body weight strength training exercises. The class is playful, progressive, and fun. Our badge system will help young kids improve their physical confidence and competence and reward them as they progress.

Pure Athlete – Is an athletic performance class aimed at older children and led by former D1 athletes or professional athletes. Whether your child is trying to make the team or earn a scholarship, this program maximize your child’s athletic potential. Vertimax training, Olympic lifting, speed, agility, and functional strength training, will have your child outlasting and outperforming the competition.

Pure Grit – Will Push you to your limits!! This outdoor circuit training class will have you learning to do things you didn’t think you could do. Tire Flips, Sledgehammer slams, farmer carries, and other unique functional strength patterns will push you to the edge of your comfort zone. This class is perfect for those looking for an edge or for military or first responders. Active duty and first responders receive 50% off of any of our programs!

Workout & Wine Down showcases the yin and yang of Pure Strength & Movement. The fusion class will focus on strength and endurance for the first 30 mins and then transition to the zen garden for yoga/ mobility practice. The reward for the hard work is a complimentary glass of wine and conversation about our book of the month. Positive growth requires balance and a community. This class showcases our culture with everything mind, body, and soul.

Mommy & Me Yoga – We believe in family and starting them young. This class is a wonderful opportunity for you to be active, relieve stress, meet some moms for future play dates, and set a tremendous example.

Our unique facility and approach to coaching will set you on course to your best life for a little over $3 a day to get started. Are you ready to live pure?

Join Pure South Tampa Classes Today!
The first 30 days of unlimited classes is $99.00.

Download the free App, Pure South Tampa to see and schedule classes.

Pure South Tampa
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