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Axe Holistic Medicine: Treating Spine & Back Pain

Dr. Jordan Axe
Axe Holistic Medicine: Treating Spine & Back Pain Like many people, Dr. Jordan Axe was on the search for a better way to find wellness after standard medical care fell short in his personal situation and his family members. His mission is to pass on those findings in treating the root cause of conditions, diseases, and disorders with alternative methods.
Dr. Axe overcame chronic infections, allergies, and two autoimmune disorders (hypothyroidism and eczema) and he is now living to help others through diet, supplementation, therapeutic methods, and lifestyle changes. Dr. Axe, his partners, and staff are passionate about helping patients to stop masking their symptoms and to find real answers and effective solutions to health conditions. Along with alternative care, Dr. Axe includes his expertise of chiropractic care into many of his wellness protocols.
In the case of spinal conditions, Axe Holistic Medicine has real answers for back pain, stiffness, and impingements.
Priming the Spine
Like the warm-up prior to a workout, your spine needs to “warm-up” before adjustments to be most effective. Warm up the spinal structures in your neck, mid and low back to reduce elastic tension built up through the shoulders, neck, and back.
Pulsated Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF): Oftentimes pain is because of inflammation built up from decrease in circulation. By using PEMF technology we are able to pull inflammation from your joints getting you out of pain in as little as 8 minutes! This allows us to get a jump start on the corrective process.
Lumbar and Cervical Traction: Relieves stress/tension in achy tight muscles. It helps elongate and decompress the spine rehydrating the discs. Repetitive traction “pumps” nutrients into the discs.
Specific adjustments are then made to the spine using decompressive manual adjustments (no neck twisting) and state of the art adjusting tools. X-rays are used in order to know precisely where and how your spine needs to be adjusted to make lasting changes to your spine and overall health.
Your body has memorized your posture pattern and does not vary from that. That posture pattern must be retrained. Immediately after your adjustment, specific neuromuscular retraining will be performed in order to hit the “reset” button on your posture. This is done through individualized spinal weighting to mold the spine back into the correct position.
Vibe Plate: The vibration amplifies communication throughout the body. Stimulation of core stabilizers helps maintain structural changes made during your
treatment. If the set phase is not done, the changes made will only be temporary. Stabilization is key to regaining youth, vitality, and lasting change.
Spinal Weighing: Correct weighting for each patient, retrains and resets muscles and ligaments to hold and support the spine back into its proper position.
Along with these methods, Axe Holistic Medicine offers, Ozone, Functional Medicine, vibration therapy, and regenerative medicine options.
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