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Better Hearing & Speech Month 2018

Better Hearing & Speech Month 2018Happy national occupational therapy month! This month is used to recognize those who spend their lives working to hearing and speech month. Speech language pathologists diagnose and treat a multitude of issues including swallowing difficulties, voice disorders, lip and facial weakness, clarity of speech and cognition (including memory, logical thinking/reasoning and problem solving).
SLPs treat people of all ages from infant to elderly.  They treat a great deal of speech and language disorders including the following: articulation disorders, fluency disorders, eating disorders, receptive and expressive communication disorders, and complications from surgery (ex: throat and mouth surgery).
One of the main concerns and difficulties we see here at Life Care Center of Ocala, in the elderly population, are swallowing disorders also called dysphagia.  Dysphagia can occur in several
different stages:
• Oral phase: occurs when chewing and moving food or liquid into throat
• Pharyngeal phase: starts the swallow reflex, squeezing food/drinks down the throat and closing the airway to prevent choking or any food/drink from entering the airway (called
• Esophageal Phase: relaxes and tightens the openings at the top and bottom of the esophagus (the feeding tube in the throat) and squeezes food/drinks into the stomach through the
Speech-Language pathologists specialize in swallowing disorders and use a variety of treatment methods to treat dysphagia.  Some treatment methods may include specific exercises, positioning, and recommendations of specific food/liquids that may be easier to swallow.  If you feel you or someone you know would benefit from speech therapy we would be happy to assist you. We are grateful for all the amazing work and amazing impact our speech language pathologists have in our community. Please take time this month to thank them for all they do!  Happy better speech and Hearing Month!!!
Life Care Center of Ocala
Not all skilled nursing and rehab centers are the same, and that’s certainly true of the Life Care Center of Ocala.  Along with state-of-the-art medical care, Life Care Center of Ocala offers homelike amenities with added luxuries, such as a beauty salon, ice cream parlor, restaurant style dining and 24-hour security all within a serene environment. Private rooms and suites are also available, as well as a number of indoor and outdoor areas for residents and patients to host family visits.
To find out more about Life Care of Ocala, or to book a personalized tour, please call (352) 873-7570, or visit their website at to view their services and to peruse their newsletter to find out what other residents have to say about living at Life Care.

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