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Brain Care Screening

Brain Care Screening Have you ever wondered if forgetting where you put your car keys was, well, just forgetting where you put your car keys, or perhaps a sign of something else going on with your brain that you should be concerned about? This is a question I am sure most of us ask ourselves from time to time, and not surprisingly, more frequently as we get older given that dementia is most common in people over 65.
There are between fifty and one hundred identifiable causes of dementia, some of which are reversible and can be treated effectively in primary care. That being the case, screening your brain health before symptoms become apparent can enable your primary healthcare physician to identify the onset of certain conditions early on so that reversible conditions can be addressed appropriately, or therapeutic actions can be taken. However, this is not the primary reason for
Dr. Bush’s advice. One of the key benefits of having a Brain Care Screening sooner rather than later is to establish a personalized baseline score on the tests carried out for future reference. Brain health is a very personal phenomenon. While there are general benchmarks, comparing personalized scores over time for a particular patient is the most effective way of being able to identify subtle changes or anomalies that may indicate the onset of a specific condition. After all, it’s always better to prevent a disease than have to cure one if the opportunity arises.
Brain Care Screening at Reliance Medical Centers is designed to provide patients and health care providers with information that will facilitate the detection and treatment of underlying issues, for example, disturbed sleep, that may impact brain health and manifest as cognitive symptoms, such as memory impairment. The Brain Care Screening is comprised of tools that screen for depression, global cognitive function, hearing, and sleep hygiene. Patients are given the opportunity to learn more about brain health research and participate in evidence-based activities offered through the Wellness Club that are specifically designed to help maintain and promote overall health.
Brain Care Screening, together with the provision of Enrichment Programs through the Wellness Club, are ground-breaking additions to Reliance Medical Centers. Primary care clinics commonly focus on only the physical and pharmaceutical aspects of a person’s healthcare. Specializing in primary care for seniors, having Brain Care Screening and Enrichment programs available to all patients significantly differentiates Reliance Medical Centers from other clinics. Most importantly, it provides both patients and the community with a truly holistic approach to helping older adults live happier, healthier lives.
The good news is that both Brain Care Screening and our Enrichment Programs are totally affordable. For Medicare patients, both Brain Care Screening and Enrichment Programs are entirely free!
Furthermore, fees have been significantly reduced for self-paying patients:
Brain Care Screening valued at $350 is available for $200, and Enrichment Programs valued at $500 are available for $300.
So, if you are over 55, now is your chance to put your mind at rest. Contact Reliance Medical Centers to schedule your Brain Care Screening now!
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