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Cancer Patients Can Benefit from Massage and Physical Therapy

Cancer Patients Can Benefit from  Massage and Physical TherapyWhether cancer treatment entails surgery, chemotherapy, radiation treatments, reconstructive surgery, or alternative therapies, the bottom line is that these individuals are sick! They are not feeling well, and many times find it entirely overwhelming to function at all.
Lymphedema is a build-up of lymphatic fluid throughout the body, and it is usually a secondary issue that arises after cancer treatment or lymph node removal, as well as a critical indicator for individuals that an illness or adverse reaction is occurring in their bodies.
Lymphedema is a threatening disorder that needs to be treated by a certified lymphatic therapist, who is trained to properly massage the body and lymph nodes to remove the excess fluid safely. Women are more susceptible to the disorder and often are unfortunately underdiagnosed or misdiagnosed altogether. Lymphedema can cause physical debilitations and physiological distress.
The lymphatic massage therapist will use various techniques involving light taps and strokes to gently push the tissue in the direction of the lymphatic system. This allows the correct movement of the fluid through the body to naturally drain. This technique is safe and provides clearing of toxins and helps the inflammatory response to calm down and decreases residual effects of the individual’s disorder(s). Along with lymphatic drainage benefits, below are a list of how massage, in general, helps to rejuvenate the body.
Benefits of General Massage
• Increases blood flow
• Alleviates tightness in muscles
• Relieves stress
• Reduces anxiety levels
• Helps with chronic neck pain
• Relieves migraine frequency and pain
• Improves balance
• Reduces osteoarthritis pain
• Lowers blood pressure
• Promotes relaxation
• Increases oxygen
• And much more
How Massage and Physical Therapy
Work Together
Although massage can produce all of the benefits mentioned above if the underlying issues are not dealt with in a more synergistic approach through combining physical therapy, the chronic pain, stiffness, swelling, and musculoskeletal problems will return abruptly. This is because while lymphatic massage is exceptionally good at reducing fluid buildup and rejuvenating the body, it doesn’t address all of the complications or disorders associated with the individual’s pain and discomfort. Whether you are seeing a physical therapist for acute pain or a long-standing issue, combined therapies are proven to be the most beneficial.
Physical & Occupational Therapy Benefits
• Manual stretching
• Hip & Ankle Alignment Strategies
• Decompression
• Massage therapy
• Electrical nerve stimulation
• Help with daily tasks & living
• Arthritis and joint pain
• Improves nerve communication
• Physical performance
• Prevents many unnecessary surgeries
Equipping patients with physical and occupational education is critical to alleviate further injury and to promote the most efficacious healing. Coupled with family participation, self-help management to promote and maintain independent function, and mobility is critical.
Physical therapy is used to help with numerous indications and conditions like retraining the body to improve gait and balance and also after hip, knee or shoulder replacement and so much more. There is no better way to alleviate pain, increase range-of-motion and live a more mobile higher quality of life than through physical & Occupational therapy. To find out more or to schedule your appointment, please contact Innovative Therapies Group today.
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