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NEUROPATHY with PEMF THERAPY A NATURAL, NON-MEDICATED APPROACH TO HEALINGDiabetic peripheral neuropathy is one of the most common and disabling complications of diabetes mellitus. There are many studies that have utilized PEMF Therapy for Neuropathy that have shown positive effects on neuropathic pain and nerve impulse. This may be due to improved microcirculation, which is the circulation of getting the red blood cells into the smallest of capillaries throughout the body. PEMF therapy for Neuropathy was found to modulate pain and retard the progression of neuropathy in a short span of time.
Type 2 diabetes has increased in the last several decades. This brings an increase in the incidence of diabetic neuropathy, leading to progressive pain, loss of sensation (usually in feet), weakness and disability. Peripheral Neuropathy can increase the potential for diabetes-related lower extremity complications which include amputation. Conventional therapy attempts to control diabetes and to moderate the pain. PEMF therapy for neuropathy helps to reduce pain and inflammation, impacting the nerves directly and calming them down to reduce the painful sensations while actively drawing greater circulation to the affected areas.
DPN (Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy) is characterized by aberrant symptoms of stimulus-evoked pain. This often leads to mood and sleep disturbances. These can substantially impair the quality and expectancy of life. It can be hard for the patient to overcome these complications even with their careful management of their diabetes through glycemic control and seeking pain relief for neuropathy. Most conventional pain medications mask symptoms and can have significant adverse effects and addiction profiles. There can be a limited use of oral symptomatic drugs due to the high frequency of adverse events, lack of evidence of long term efficacy and concern about dependence. PEMF Therapy for neuropathy is safe to use and has no adverse effects. Many patients are seeking PEMF therapy for neuropathy to help treat their pain.
Jim Cornes tells how PEMF therapy for neuropathy is helping his pain after he suffered a stroke.
“I started using PEMF Therapy 2 years ago after a medullary stroke that left me in ICU for 13 days. Initially it helped me just to feel better in general and help my body heal. Currently I use it to subside my neuropathy pain so that I don’t have to take heavy prescription medications just to function through my day and to sleep well at night.” – Jim Cornes
Studies have shown PEMF therapy for neuropathy can decrease pain. It is still unclear if the analgesic effect in patients is attributable to a direct effect of PEMF therapy for neuropathy on pain or an indirect effect on inflammation and healing. Researchers see much potential in PEMF therapy for neuropathy for improvement in nerve functions.
PEMF therapy for neuropathy treats the entire body by improving ATP production, increasing oxygenation, and enhancing circulation, promoting hydration, facilitating detoxification and gaining a better overall absorption of nutrients. PEMF therapy for neuropathy works on a cellular level creating a cascade of effects in our body. PEMF therapy has been found to increase energy and circulation, reduce muscle spasms, improve sleep, enhance healing of bone fractures and reduce pain and inflammation. The increase in cellular energy received by PEMF therapy for neuropathy gives our body the energy it needs to self-regulate and self-heal.
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