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By BJ Ahern – The Medicine Chest –
Controlling Your DiabetesWhen your doctor writes a prescription for a blood glucose meter, he wants you to monitor your blood glucose readings, so you have control over your diabetes.
Many people take their blood glucose reading, check to see what it is and go on about their routine regardless of what the reading says. This does little to control diabetes.
What makes my blood glucose readings go up?
There are 4 major factors in considering your high glucose readings.
1. Your Diet
2. The amount of tension in your life
3. Exercise
4. The prescription drugs you are on.
What should my blood Glucose reading be?
Your goal should be to maintain your blood glucose levels as close to normal as possible.
Below is a guideline to Ideal and Acceptable Ranges
How can I reduce my blood glucose readings?
If it is high, one should take the time to try to reduce it, and the easiest way to do this is to get active. You can go for a walk, wash windows, ride the bike, or any other of the active activity that you like to do. Exercise bands, the type that is used in therapy, are great for this purpose.
If by some chance your reading is above 250, then you need to call the doctor. Consider going to a dietitian. They are most helpful in pointing out the foods to eat and those to stay away from, as well as those you can eat in moderation when blood sugar is under control. They can also help you to loose weight if that is needed.
Taking good care of your diabetes today means avoiding other health related problems often related to diabetes in the years to come. Meters are free to our patients at The Medicine Chest. For the blood glucose strips and lancets, we do bill most insurance.

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