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Do You Have Back or Joint Pain? How Regenerative Medicine Can Help!

Do You Have Back or Joint PainDid you know that 80% of people will suffer from back pain at one point or another in their lives? If you see a spine surgeon, most likely you’ll be told you need to have surgery. However, many people find remarkable pain relief with regenerative medicine. Wouldn’t it make more sense, if most people started with these techniques and procedures before undergoing the knife. It’s unfortunate that many back surgeries do not actually fix the pain, problem or have longstanding results. It’s known as Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, YES, that is an actual diagnosis!

Non-Surgical Treatment for Back Pain & Neck Pain
If you suffer from chronic low back pain or neck pain and have been told to just live with your pain, or that surgery is your only option, we may have a solution for you — the DRS Protocol™ treatment for back pain and neck pain conditions!

The DRS Protocol™, available only within The Villages® community at Central Florida Regenerative Medicine, is a safe and effective treatment alternative to surgery and has helped thousands of patients who have exhausted all options get relief with treatment for chronic back pain and neck pain conditions.

Many of our patients had tried everything to relieve the causes of back pain or neck pain including addictive painkillers, epidurals, spinal fusion, back or neck surgery, or they have been told to just live with the pain.

Back and Neck Pain Symptoms
• Herniated disc(s)
• Degenerative disc disease
• Back pain
• Neck pain
• Numbness and tingling in arms or legs
• Sciatic pain
• Facet syndrome
• Spinal stenosis
• Failed back surgery syndrome

How DRS™ Works
DRS™, which stands for Decompression, Reduction, and Stabilization, applies an “axial” or distractive force to the injured disc levels. During treatment, intradiscal pressure is dropped from a positive to a negative. This negative pressure promotes diffusion – the intake, of water, oxygen, and nutrients – into the disc, thereby rehydrating the degenerated disc.

The DRS Protocol™ reduces pressure inside of the disc. This reduces the painful herniation and the pain from other disc related degenerative conditions. The pressure reduction results in increased blood flow to the injured area, reduction of pain, increased mobility and tissue repair.

In research studies, the conclusions were that for patients with appropriate back pain conditions, DRS™ is a “front-line, premier treatment.”

The DRS Protocol is drug-free, pain-free and is a successful alternative to neck or back surgery for the treatment of back pain and neck pain conditions.

Central Florida Regenerative Medicine offers many other services and procedures along with DRS™ such as cold therapy laser, microcirculation-PEMF, and spinal manipulation to name a few.

Chronic pain is an epidemic in our society. If you have any joint pain or back pain, you have options, and those include drug-free and no surgery alternatives that have worked for countless people just like you.

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