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Do You Want Personalized Healthcare?

Your Concierge Team is Available to you Now!
Do You Want Personalized Healthcare?Healthcare is changing and Reliance Medical Centers is at the forefront of modern medicine.
Reliance Medical Centers has reinvented the healthcare experience for Medicare Advantage Enrollees. Built around the unique healthcare needs of every individual, each patient is assigned one of our eight-member Personal Care Focus Teams creating a personalized experience like no other, and Reliance Medical Centers does this with a holistic, comprehensive approach.
With a focus on preventative health, your Care Focus Team, coordinated by your own Personal Medical Concierge, works on your behalf so that you can become and stay healthy in an environment that feels like home, with someone who cares always by your side.
Your Personal Medical Team
Every patient is assigned a permanent Personal Medicare Concierge. As part of our Care Coordination Model, every Patient Guest is guided and cared for by his or her own Care Focus Team, which consists of one primary care provider (PCP), two medical assistants, and one medical concierge.
The Teams Role in Your Healthcare Medical Doctor
Your Primary Care Physician is the team leader whose role it is to take care of you and direct the team toward keeping you healthy at all times.
Personal Medical Concierge
Your Personal Medical Concierge coordinates and facilitates your healthcare needs with the sole aim of improving your quality of life.
Nurse Practitioner
Your Nurse Practitioner works closely with your Primary Care Physician providing a complete care presence to maintain optimum health.
Quality Analyst
Your quality analyst tracks your treatments and progress to ensure the team have all the information they need to keep you well.
4 Medical Assistants
Each team includes four medical assistants providing both clinical and clerical services to keep the team at maximum effectiveness
Patient Navigator
A trained and impartial insurance professional to advise you on navigating and understanding the complex world of the health benefits in private or government insurance.
Clinical Coordinator
A clinical coordinator that manages the schedule of daily operations to ensure your care teams operate to the highest standards.
Case Manager
The Case Manager is the liaison between Reliance and all hospitals, to ensure the best support and guidance for any hospitalization or related needs.
Patient Advocate
The Patient Advocate is our dedicated customer service representative at our centers, which also helps in assisting you with government and community programs.
Activity Coach
The Activity Coach coordinates and executes activities in the Activity Center of the Wellness Club. Activities are designed to help you lead a healthier life.
What Sets Reliance Medical Centers Apart?
A focus on preventive care, helping you get and stay healthy Coordinated team working together on your behalf
You are treated like family and your needs come first
Less time waiting and more time with your doctor
Someone who cares always at your side
An environment that feels like home
Luxury transportation provided to and from our facilities
All under one roof
Reliance Medical Center Services
Primary Care Team
Medical Concierge
Primary Care Physician
Medical Assistance Access to specialists
Wellness Programs
Massage therapy
Activities On-Site Conveniences
Community Resource Assistance
Social Programs
LIS Prescription Assistance
Reliance Medical Centers
Goes a Few Steps Further
Every Patient has access to a Health Support Team. Reliance Medical Centers have a ‘Wellness Club’ to which their patients become automatic members. The Wellness Club includes a spa, hairdressers and an activities center. Reliance Medical Centers operate a lower than usual patient to doctor ratio in order ensure personalized medical care and service.
Isn’t it time that you finally felt like you were being treated with high-quality, genuine care? Additionally, getting access to such an elite medical system is the wave of the future and available to you now.
Reliance Medical is what healthcare should be. For more information, please call 888-414-1413.
3655 Innovation Dr.
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