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Don’t Be Fooled into “Combo-Pilling”! America Continues to Search for the Miracle Pill

By Carolyn Waygood, Certified Natural Health Professional,
Diabetes Educator and Weight Loss Coach –
Combo-PillingAhighly controversial weight-loss practice called “Combo-Pilling”, taking two or more diet products that together are supposed to be more effective than one, is an “underground” practice that’s gaining momentum across the country. Is it safe? We asked Carolyn Waygood, Certified Natural Health Professional, Diabetes Educator, and a Weight Loss specialist, who simply says “No. Combo-pilling is when a lay-person (non-health professional) self-diagnoses the cause of their excess weight, possibly incorrectly, and starts taking a variety of pills to address specific weight concerns at doses that may not be entirely effective – or safe.” While one pill may address nervous binge eating and stress-related belly fat, another may provide increased energy. “Together, this combination of diet pills may help an emotional eater with a sluggish metabolism lose weight, but it’s not the right formula for someone with digestive or hormone issues”, cautions Ms. Waygood.
In some situations, consumers will take multiple pills so that one diet pill will offset the negative side effects of another. For example, one diet pill that increases the metabolism might also cause jitters. So those effects are offset by a different diet pill that reduces stress. “The practice of combining medications not specifically formulated to be taken together, whether these are prescription medications, over-the-counter products, or natural supplements”, warns Ms. Waygood, “can do more harm than good.”
Every person is different, and their weight challenges are different. A personalized weight loss program should be
approached with care and wisdom, and consumers should be very aware of what their body is telling them. “There are over a dozen different reasons why someone is holding on to excess weight”, explains Ms. Waygood. “Issues with weight can be caused by a faulty metabolism, inadequate digestion, improper body pH levels, chronic inflammation, stress, thyroid and hormone issues, prescription medications, poor nutrition, and so much more.” In other words, a diet pill that may have helped your friend shed 30 pounds, may not be effective for you. “This is how people become frustrated with the weight loss industry”, notes Carolyn, “and products or programs are labeled as ‘scams’ when they may be perfectly legitimate.”
People who advocate “Combo-Pilling” are, in their own way, calling attention to the complexities of weight loss and healthy weight management, and raising awareness that there’s no “one magic pill”. Combo-Pilling approaches, for example, acknowledge the role metabolism, stress, and digestion play in the war against weight. “To have effective and safe combo pilling”, reports one online site dedicated to the practice, “you need several different kinds of products, including a; “Combining 5 or 6 different products that haven’t been formulated to work together”,  explains Carolyn, “can result in higher doses of some ingredients that can cause other long-term health concerns.” It can also be quite expensive. In a recent 2-page advertisement found in a popular Hollywood news magazine, 5 “top fat burners” were promoted as a viable approach to weight loss. One pill blocked the absorption of carbohydrates, another suppressed the appetite, a third blocked the production of the stress hormone cortisol, one claimed to boost the metabolism, and the fifth provided a detox and cleansing effect. Together, all five products, each manufactured by different companies, amounted to over $300 for a 30-day supply! No wonder this is a practice common in Hollywood!
Plexus Worldwide, based in Scottsdale, Arizona and lead by Medical Director Dr. Dennis Harris, M.D., formulates one of the most effective and complete approaches to weight loss available in one product using natural ingredients. “The Plexus Slim and Accelerator weight loss products are successful”, explains Ms. Waygood, “because they are easy to use, have been formulated to work synergistically (together), and attack weight issues form multiple perspectives.” The Plexus products are like combo-pilling because they address multiple causes of excess weight, but without the safety concerns. “Plexus Slim and Accelerator were originally formulated to help diabetics better control blood glucose and insulin”, notes Carolyn, “and has been proven safe for diabetics, non-diabetics, and people of all ages. I work with some customers who are as young as 10 years old.”
Plexus Slim, a powdered drink that is mixed with water and consumed in the morning, and Plexus Accelerator, an optional daily supplement, contain natural ingredients that address all the excess weight variables listed above, plus more. “The Plexus formula was designed to improve glucose metabolism, inhibit fat storage, improve mood, control the appetite, dissolve fat cells, balance blood sugar and prevent food cravings, increase energy, and improve insulin sensitivity – and so much more – all in one product, from one company, at doses that are safe, and effective,” explains Ms. Waygood. While a 30-day supply of the 5 or 6 pills recommended in the combo-pilling advertisement could cost $329, a 30-day supply of both Plexus Slim and Accelerator can be purchased for between $89.95 and $114.95!
“I enjoy explaining how the Plexus Slim and Accelerator formulas work”, admits Carolyn, “because I like my customers to understand the complexities of excess weight and how their bodies are working. But if people are still skeptical, I tell them to simply read or watch the thousands of testimonials Plexus has received that document one success story after another.” We’ve reprinted some of these testimonials here for our readers.
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