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Don’t Let Allergies Be a Drag

By Darla Miller, BS, MBA  –
If you look at the pollen counts in central Florida right now, they are really low, but the counts are creeping in from Georgia.  We all know that this won’t last. Spring has sprung and the trees and flowers will be in full bloom soon.
Allergies are a drag. You feel run down; you have itchy, watery (or dry) eyes, a runny nose and experience constant sneezing. You may run a fever or experience respiratory problems. In a word, you are – miserable.
According to an article written for Medscape.com, increased absenteeism and reduced productivity due to allergies cost US employers more than $250 million in 1998. In a study of 5,000 employees at 57 companies, 34% of employees with allergies said they missed an average of 1-5 days of work per year as a direct result of allergy symptoms. Additionally, 82% of those with allergies reported a 26% loss of effectiveness at work due to allergy symptoms. Employees were affected an average of 69.9 days annually. That is almost 20% of a normal year! A more recent study indicated that the lost productivity attributed to reduced job effectiveness ranged from 11 – 40%. Many times, the reduced productivity could be the result of the use of over-the-counter antihistamines, which can cause drowsiness. You know the feeling – eyes rolling back and head bobbing trying to stay awake. I’m not sure what’s worse – feeling lousy due to allergies, or feeling foggy and drowsy due to the allergy medication while trying to concentrate on an important task.
There are quite a few herbs that specifically target bronchial congestion, respiratory ailments and sinus issues. Herbal remedies strive to strengthen the body’s immune system to reduce its sensitivity to the allergens, in addition to relieving the symptoms. They help our systems get back in balance so that our bodies can heal itself.
While we have many homeopathic and natural herbal products at the Leesburg Herb Shoppe that help the body get back in balance, one specific product that is a “go to” during allergy season is called HistaBlock. This is a blend of four herbs and nutrients that naturally enhances immune function and inhibits the release of histamine and other inflammatory compounds.
Stinging nettle. In a double-blind clinical trial, stinging nettle was rated moderately or highly effective in reducing allergic symptoms in 58% of the study participants, as compared to only 37% of the people taking the placebo. This herb has been reported to be helpful for bronchial and asthmatic conditions.
Quercetin. This is a flavonoid that is found in apples, onions and black tea that possesses anti-allergic, antihistamine, and anti-inflammatory properties. It exhibits significant anti-inflammatory activity by directly inhibiting both the production and the release of histamine compounds. In a study conducted in Japan, quercetin reduced histamine release as much as 96%.
Bromelain. This is a protein-digesting enzyme that is found in pineapples. In clinical trials, bromelain has shown to be as effective as antibiotics in treating bronchitis and pneumonia and it also increases the absorption of various antibiotics, and thus may enhance their effectiveness.
Bitter orange (Fructus aurantia). This is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine as an expectorant for eliminating phlegm and relieving congestion. It contains a potent antioxidant that exhibits anti-allergic, antihistaminic and anti-inflammatory actions. It also contains an ingredient that acts as a decongestant.
To find out more about this product, please visit the following site: http://www.mynsp.com/esuite/home/oldthymeremedies
The information in this article is for educational purposes. It is not meant to treat, diagnose or prescribe. Like any product, there may be some contraindications. Please consult your health care professional before starting a new dietary regime.

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