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Exercise Increases Overall Wellness: What You Should Know

Exercise Increases Overall Wellness: What You Should KnowJAMA published a study in 2018 that found that those who do not exercise have an increased risk of premature death, outweighing, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer-related conditions. In addition to all of the primary health benefits, regular cardiovascular exercise is also known to increase brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is a protein that protects the brain and improves cognitive function. You should always talk to your physician about the right exercise plan for you.
Exercise Benefits
Exercising on a daily basis is best, but 3- 5 times per week is also favorable. Most people can benefit from taking a brisk 30-minute walk or a 30-minute swim. Exercise increases circulation improves nutrient, and oxygen-rich blood flow helps build strength, can increase weight loss or help to maintain and healthy weight. If you can work out at the maximum level, it’s incredibly beneficial for cardiovascular health and many other conditions.
Water-Based Exercise
There have been significant studies on the benefits of water activities for individuals that suffer from cardiac diseases, arthritis, or balance issues. The level of oxygen in the blood increases in water, which is ideal for anyone, especially those with vascular problems. The oxygen consumption (VO2) is three times greater in water than on land. Working large muscle groups leads to this uptake of oxygen or VO2. Doing the same level of exercise on land increases the heart rate at a much higher level than with water-based therapy and can be dangerous for some individuals. For obvious reasons, maintaining a lower heart rate is ideal for those suffering from any heart ailments.
Exercise improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, helps elevate mood, increase stability, protects (and regenerates) bone health, raises HDL and lowers LDL cholesterol levels, burns body fat, increases muscle strength, and much more.
Another Reason to Exercise: HIIT & the Thyroid
Along with its track record of helping individuals lose weight, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is proving to have health benefits for multiple medical conditions, including thyroid dysfunction.
Because the thyroid hormones regulate our metabolism, which is the driver for weight regulations and energy, it’s difficult for individuals with thyroid conditions to exercise and to heal after an intense workout.
Exercising for long periods that create a steady cardiovascular uptake like running or biking are fantastic for healthy individuals, but there is a better way to achieve the results of regular cardiovascular exercise, and that’s with HIIT. HIIT works by doing short periods of high intensity followed by periods of low intensity, and it can be customized to fit your needs.
These are, of course, just a few examples of the overall health benefits of exercising. It’s never too late to start. You can try to ease your way into working out by taking a walk around the block, dancing in your living room, or simply lifting your legs or using light hand weights while sitting and watching TV. Whatever you’re capable of, you should do. Recently, Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins found herself at the center of the media’s attention. Why? Because at 103 years of age she ran the 100-yard dash. And she didn’t take up running until she was 100 years old! If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish incredible tasks.
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