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Fat Pad Restoration Developed by Dr. Benjamin

By Richard S. Benjamin, DPM
Fat Pad Restoration Developed by Dr. BenjaminDo you feel like you are walking on raw bones or rocks? Have you tried inserts, padding, and countless new shoes only to continue to walk in pain? Do you want artificial fillers like liquid silicone which have been linked to auto immune diseases, or materials that have to be repeated every six months at a cost of thousands of dollars?
Previous attempts by other doctors have failed to safely replace the fat pad of the foot. Our materials are safe, cost effective, and the procedure is insurance covered by Medicare and other carriers.
Patients Who Are Helped

  • Has been performed for over three years now in the Villages. Only doctor in Florida and only one of 4 in the country (taught by Dr. Benjamin) performing the procedure
  • Patients as old as 85
  • Patients with diabetes
  • Athletes, dancers, shoppers, and other active adults

About Fat Pad Augmentation

  • A surgical procedure where the thinning or absent fat pad under the ball of the foot or heel is restored by natural means.
  • A natural material is inserted through a small incision (1 inch) on the bottom of the foot just beneath the second and third toes.
  • The materials are called Graft Jacket (human) and BioTape (porcine), that once in place promotes your own body to grow new spongy tissue that creates a new layer of protection between the bones and skin.
  • The procedure is performed out-patient at a surgery center under sedation and local anesthesia (preferred) or in the office under local anesthesia.
  • Walking the same day in a surgical shoe.
  • You can return to light exercise such as walking, golf and dancing in 2-3 weeks. Tennis, pickle ball, heavy running and softball require about 4 weeks. (Individuals do differ a little based on health factors and the amount of tissue that needed to be restored.)
  • The material will continue to promote new cushioning tissue for about 6 months.
  • The materials are also used to repair ulcers, torn tendons in the ankle, shoulder, and foot. A repaired ligament or tendon is 70% stronger after these materials are used in the repair and the post operative recovery is cut in half.
  • Over 1 million grafts have been implanted over the past 8 years with no reported case of rejection.
  • On difficult cases such as diabetic ulcers, the materials are used to heal the wound and hyperbaric oxygen therapy of the foot is utilized to speed healing. Our hyperbaric chambers are only for the foot and leg. No need to enter a chamber which can result in lung, ear, eye and heart problems.

About Dr. Benjamin
– Nationally and internationally known speaker and surgical innovator
– Former president of the national podiatry association
– Board certified in podiatric medicine and surgery, and wounds
– Nationally speaks on fat pad restoration and hyperbaric oxygen therapy for diabetic wounds of the feet.
– Co-Founder of the Shalom Children’s Fund – supplies, food, clothing, medical supplies to needy families displaced by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine.
– Performs charity surgery on children deformed by Chernobyl in Kiev, Ukraine
– Former nationally ranked soccer player and tennis player
– Licensed soccer coach who has won 3 national youth soccer titles
– Hobbies include: golf, tennis, boating, travel
Hear From A Patient of Dr. Benjamin
“I was getting bad pain in my left foot.  It got to a point where I couldn’t walk.  I knew it was Plantar Fascitis.  I had it in my right foot a few years back.  The surgey was so bad that the pain was hard to deal with.  I was two weeks in a cast and four weeks in a boot.  I could not drive or do anything. This time,  I was sent to Dr. Benjamin.  I walked in the office to be greeted by a happy lady.  I was brought into another room and the x-ray was done in the office, not in a big hospital.  Dr. Benjamin was so wonderful and made me feel real comfortable.  We both knew what it was.  It was plantar fascitis.  He told me that it was the same as my other foot but that we wouldn’t have to do major surgey and that he was going to have me walking in a week.  I laughed because it was not the experience I had with my other foot.   I went to the TLC building for the procedure.  It was so clean and ran like clock work.  Everything happened so fast and I was gone 45 minutes after the surgery.  No hospital paperwork or wait.  After the procedure, I had no pain.  I took the pills I was given and it was so easy.  No pain!  So much different than my other foot that I had surgery on.  In Dr. Benjamin’s office seven days later, I was walking out without stitches and feeling so good.  Your arch is tender but you can where shoes in 9-10 days.  I would never hesitate to go to him for any foot problems.  He does everything so well.  He is highly recommended in my book”
—— Darlene Haran of Lady Lake, Florida
To Learn More
For a consultation regarding fat pad restoration of the foot, tendon or ankle repair, contact Dr. Benjamin at 352-259-9288.
Richard S. Benjamin, DPM
The Summit – 749 CR 466
Lady Lake, FL 32159

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