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How Proper Digestion Affects Your Overall Wellbeing

Robert Martinez, DC
How Proper Digestion Affects  Your Overall WellbeingWhen we think about digestion, most of us automatically think of the stomach and intestines, but there are numerous components and organs responsible for proper digestion.
Do you ever experience constipation?  When we have difficulty removing the waste toxins from our bodies through the colon, it’s uncomfortable, painful and embarrassing, but it takes a toll on our health both physically and emotionally.
If you are only relieving yourself a few times per week (or less in some cases), the toxic byproducts of our food can cause numerous disorders, like migraines, chronic pain, illnesses, and stress.  This same scenario holds true if you’re experiencing bouts of diarrhea.  Consequently, diarrhea stimulates the production of waste and removes beneficial bacteria and nutrients.
The western diet is, of course, one of the main contributors to digestive breakdown, since it doesn’t provide enough soluble fiber.  Soluble fiber is readily available in all vegetables, fruit and whole grains.  Eating a diet rich in healthy fats (olive oil, coconut oil, avocado), vegetables, fruit and lean proteins are ideal for digestion, but what is the reason for constipation in individuals that do eat a healthy diet?
Exercise is critical for getting the bodily movements going and also for an increase in oxygen-
rich blood, which helps to flow nutrients through the body.  Reducing stress is also essential.  It is not uncommon for constipation to take place after a stressful event, or traveling away from home, because the brain is where digestion begins. The brain tells the body when its hungry, thirsty, and it also decides how absorption will take place.  If your psyche is off, chances are your digestion will be adversely affected.
A healthy liver is essential to remove the toxins out of the blood.  If your liver is impaired or diseased, your digestion will be hindered.  This is also the case with the spleen.  Many people think the spleen is the least important organ, but on the contrary, it is vital for proper red blood distribution and energy production.  If you feel tired and run down, your spleen may need some attention.
Along with proper diet, exercise and organ function, there are ways to help your digestion improve naturally.  Drinking water is critical to move things through and help the intestines remove built-up waste properly.  It’s also well known that abdominal massage is helpful speeding up bowel movements.
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Tips for Healthy Digestion
• Eat healthy vegetables, fats, and lean protein
• Avoid excessive alcohol
• Quit smoking
Eat plenty of fiber
• Exercise for at least 30 minutes per day (a walk is excellent)
• Reduce stress (meditate, get a massage)
• Take a probiotic (or eat Fermented foods like sauerkraut or kimchi)
• Eat prebiotic foods (garlic and onions)
Dr. Robert Martinez
Dr. Robert Martinez works with his patients to get their digestion in peak form.  With the proper diagnostic testing and evaluation, he works out a dietary plan that fits their budget and lifestyle.  He also implements functional and alternative therapies that are medically recognized to improve his patient’s overall health.
Dr. Bob’s mission is to connect with his patients and help them achieve their optimum health. Dr. Bob himself was diagnosed with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and digestive issues.  And when he assessed himself and started this program, not only did both his cholesterol and blood pressure regulate, his digestion significantly improved as well.
After receiving care, he was amazed at how much better he felt, and how his body had healed, and regenerated itself without medical intervention.  Dr. Bob wanted to share the success with his patients suffering from thyroid, digestive, liver dysfunction, and other ailments. As patients move through his program, they see remarkable results.
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