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InterCommunity Cancer Center Offers Tips On How To Support Cancer Patients During The Holiday

InterCommunity Cancer Center Offers Tips On How To Support Cancer Patients During The HolidayThe busy holiday season is once again upon us, and caregivers, family and friends of cancer patients may be wondering what they can do to make this the best possible holiday for the person in their life battling cancer. Providing the right kind of gifts and support can help create a positive holiday for the patient, as well as their loved ones.
Over the years, InterCommunity Cancer Center has cared for thousands of cancer patients, and along the way we have gained a bit of wisdom about what patients need and like during the holiday season. Here are a few ideas that are sure to please:
Things You Can Give
• Scarf, bathrobe, socks, slippers, sweater, hoodie
• Heating pad, blanket
• Magazine subscriptions, iTunes gift card, Sudoku Puzzle book, adult coloring books and colored pencils
• Devotional books, Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift cards, audio books, DVDs of funny movies, an iPod or MP3 player loaded with music
• Framed photos, movie tickets, gas cards, restaurant or grocery store gift cards
• New linens, comforter and pillows for the bed; some patients spend a lot of time in bed, and this can be uplifting
• Hard candy if allowed (butterscotch, lemon, peppermint), Altoids, hand sanitizer, ginger tea, bottled water, travel-size tissues, protein bars, nutrition shakes, lip balm, unscented hand, body and bath lotions, dry shampoo
• If the patient is under financial stress, arrange to have a bill paid
Things You Can do  
There are lots of ways you can pitch in and help a cancer patient have a better holiday. Keeping up with all of the tasks that go along with the holiday season can be overwhelming to a patient who is likely to be fatigued from treatment. Here are a few things you can do to make the holiday a little brighter for them:
• Lend a hand with holiday tasks, such as decorating or cleaning the house, wrapping presents, writing holiday cards, or shopping for gifts
• Run some errands
• Do the laundry or other household chores
• Drive them to their doctor appointments and stay with them during treatment
• If they are well enough, take them shopping so you can lend a hand if they get overly tired
• Prepare some home cooked meals that can be frozen and eaten later
• Restock the fridge with nutritious food and don’t forget some healthy snacks
• Provide child care, or even pet sitting, since pets are family, too!
• Find things you can laugh about together―laughter is a great healer
• Take them out to a movie and dinner for a change of pace
• Listen to whatever they want to talk about and support their feelings and opinions, even if you disagree
• Help them push aside the negative feelings that often accompany cancer, and look for the good things that happened during the day, even if they are small events
“We’ve all heard the old saying, ‘The best things in life are free.’ When it comes to what to give a cancer patient during the holiday season―or anytime, truer words were never spoken,” said Dr. David Catalano, radiation oncologist at InterCommunity Cancer Center in Lady Lake, Fla. “Hugs, smiles, laughter, encouragement and love can really help a cancer patient have the best possible holiday, and they don’t cost a thing to give.”
The physicians and staff of InterCommunity Cancer Center wish all of you a happy and healthy holiday. For more information about the advanced treatments for cancer offered by InterCommunity Cancer Center, please visit www.usoncology.com.
InterCommunity Cancer Center (ICCC) has more than 30 years of experience providing quality, personalized cancer care in the Lady Lake and Leesburg communities and has treated more than 10,000 patients. Medical Director and Radiation Oncologist Dr. David J. Catalano has expertise in treating breast, lung, prostate, gynecologic, skin and other cancers.
ICCC is an affiliate of The US Oncology Network (“The Network”). This collaboration unites ICCC with more than 1,400 independent physicians dedicated to delivering value-based, integrated care for patients — close to home. Through The Network, these independent doctors come together to form a community of shared expertise and resources dedicated to advancing local cancer care and to delivering better patient outcomes. The US Oncology Network is supported by McKesson Specialty Health, whose coordinated resources and infrastructure allow doctors in The Network to focus on the health of their patients, while McKesson focuses on the health of their practices. For more information, visit www.usoncology.com.
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