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Introducing the Next Dimension in Early Detection

Introducing the Next Dimension in Early DetectionAs part of our ongoing effort to combat breast cancer, Radiology Associates of Ocala will be offering the revolutionary new 3D mammography exam system, also known as tomosynthesis, at our TimberRidge Imaging Center and at its Women’s Imaging Center.
The Genius™ 3D tomosynthesis allows RAO’s Board Certified radiologists to view images in 3D versus the traditional 2D, delivering more detailed and comprehensive pictures of breast tissue for greater accuracy in discovering breast cancer while reducing false positive results.
In fact, more than 100 clinical studies demonstrate that 3D mammography provides 41% better detection of invasive breast cancers and a 40% reduction in false positive readings in women of all ages and of every breast density, increasing early discovery and reducing unnecessary followup exams and patient stress.
3D mammography’s multidimensional and comprehensive capture and assembly of 3D breast tissue images provide in-depth views from various angles for superior analysis by your Board Certified RAO radiologist and personal physician. This FDA-approved exam uses very low x-ray energy so radiation exposure remains below FDA guidelines. It requires no different preparation or compression than a traditional mammogram so your experience will be the same as with a traditional mammogram.
Its increased accuracy will soon make 3D mammography the new standard in breast cancer screening and diagnosis, but in keeping with RAO’s tradition of leading the way in new technologies and superior patient care, we are among the first providers in Central Florida to offer it now. Because of its proven superiority, 3D mammography is covered by most insurance. To find out more, please call RAO at 352-671-4300.
If you’re due for a screening mammogram, it makes sense to choose the most effective imaging system available, from the local forerunner in women’s imaging and early detection services – the caring experts of RAO.

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