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Learn How You Can Feel Better, Look Better & Perform Better Energy Medical—A Therapeutic Health Center

You Are Amazing!
The message is loud and clear! Our bodies are amazing! We read stories & hear testimonies all through out our lives of amazing physcial accomplishments, health recoveries, athletic performances, artistic masterpieces, etc. Is there a secret?
Remember when you were young and how quickly you recovered from injuries and sickness? Remember how much energy you had? What changed?
The Fountain of Youth Is Within You!
Your body should be producing over 2,000,000 new stem cells every second of every day. This only happens when you have enough energy! How can we increase our energy levels? How can we harness the fountain of youth within us?
Your Amazing Ability To Heal!
The truth is, we have an amazing ability to heal from virtually any kind of disease or injury but only when we have enough energy for our cells to function in a normal fashion. We have amazing abilities to perform, mentally and physically; but only when we have enough energy.
What energy, you ask? The same energy measured by doctors with EKG, EMG, EEG and Nerve Conduction tests.Electro-Cardiograms, Electro-Myograms, Electro-
Encephalogram tests, measure the electrical energy of the heart, muscles, brain and nerves. Cellular energy (ATP) is generated in the mitochondria of every cell.
Electrical energy is an intricate part of our overall general health and well-being. Exercise, diet, massage, yoga, chiropractic, supplements, acupuncture, drugs, surgeries, etc. etc, etc., will only take you so far. Why? – because our whole body runs on electricity. Are you ready to have more energy?

You Are Amazing. You Can Even Be Better!

There is a technology that when applied to the skin causes every cell in the body to shine at its brilliance with increased energy. Increased energy levels means increased strength, endurance, mental clarity, focus, blood-flow, performance levels, detoxification, accelerated natural healing and much, much, more.
AMT, (Acuscope, Myopulse Technology) is a unique, artificial intelligence, micro-current delivery instrument which helps optimize the very same electrical energy measured with EKG, EMG, EEG, & Nerve Conduction devices. AMT increases ATP production through-out the entire body! It sounds complicated but it’s as simple and pleasant as a massage, a wonderfully, unique massage.
Electro-Massage – The Ultimate
Therapeutic Experience

EMed’s unique Electro-Massage is a futuristic, amped-up version of traditional massage utilizing AMT technology. The Electro-Massage allows energy to flow right through your therapist’s fingers, penetrating muscles, nerves, organs and skin. You will experience pain relief, melting-muscle knots, increased energy levels, enhanced blood-flow, improved collagen production, detoxification and much more. A 2 hr Full-Body
Electro-Massage really is the Ultimate Therapeutic Massage Experience.
Benefits Of Electro-Massage
● Measurable pain relief in muscles and nerves
● Improved blood flow, oxygen & nutrient delivery to cells
● Increased energy levels, strength & endurance levels
● Improved mental clarity, focus & concentration
● Improved lymph drainage & detoxification
● Dramatic stress reduction & relaxation
● Overall performance enhancement
● Improved overall health & accelerated natural healing
● Increased collagen production for optimal skin conditioning
● And much more…
Energy Medical (EMED), is the leader in the field of electric medicine; specializing in pain relief and accelerated healing. They understand the importance of normalizing tissue at a cellular level for optimal health. Nutrition, exercise, energy and detoxification are the foundational building blocks for optimal cellular health. EMed’s expertise in energy therapies and detoxification quickly becomes apparent when you enter the futuristic health and skincare center.
EMed’s unique AMT technology has an amazing history. For more than 30 years it has been used as a secret weapon in the back room of many Olympic and professional sports teams. Acclaimed by Sports Illustrated as the “Miracle Machine.” AMT is based on physics. Physical science controls chemistry. All the functions of the body can be optimized with AMT. An AMT Electro-Massage is the ultimate therapeutic experience.
How Can EMed, AMT and Electro-Massage Help You?
● Helps you look better, feel better and perform better
● Provides highly effective, fast and lasting results
● Increases energy levels, blood flow, natural healing and detoxification
● Utilizes advanced artificial intelligence, electro-magnetic, pulsed-frequency waveform technologies to safely restore health without drugs or surgeries
EMed also offers an entire wellness program into their patient care that synergistically combines traditional massage and anti-aging therapy facials with electro-massage, electro facials, and mental clarity treatments.
Facials using the AMT technique are amplified. Referred to as the Bio-Energetic Face Lift, micro-current facials stimulate collagen production, blood flow and lymph drainage on an accumulative basis. Normal, healthy skin will naturally optimize oxygen, nutrient absorption, and moisture levels.
Decades ago, micro-current treatment was used exclusively for Hollywood’s elite celebrities to help their skin and facial muscles tighten through non-invasive micro-
current treatments. It was reserved only for the stars that could afford its high price and secrecy at the time. Fortunately, times have changed and now this fantastic technology is available for everyone to enjoy.
Mental Clarity treatments are also available in their wellness package. This process involves the technologist utilizing AMT to stimulate the brainwaves and to help alleviate anxiety through the clarifying method of micro-current stimulation.
Since cell regeneration is proven unmatchable with AMT therapy, EMed’s facial, massage, mental clarity, and performance enhancement packages normalize the condition of the skin and cells – to return and regenerate damaged cells to their own natural, healthy state.
EMed now offers Corporate, Individual and Family Wellness program packages. These various levels of wellness are not only affordable but contain a number of wellness services and performance enhancement options.
You really can Look Better, Feel Better and Perform Better without drugs or surgery. Call Energy Medical today and schedule your Electro-Massage and free consultation at 352-552-1889 or visit EnergyMedical.net

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