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May Is National Mental Health Month

May Is National Mental Health MonthMental health is a serious illness that many people seem to shun away from someone that is suffering with this illness. Mainly, this is because they do not understand what is wrong.
In recent years attitudes have been changing towards mental illness due to this amazing event that is held the whole month of May. This event is a month long campaign that educates the general public about mental health, mental wellness and ways to keep your mind healthy.  Anxiety disorders are among the most common illness in America. 40 million people are affected by this debilitating illness. There are 5 types of anxiety disorders they are:
. Panic disorder which brings on sudden feelings of terror that strikes repeatedly and without any warning.
. Obsessive-Compulsive disorder which brings on repeated intrusive and unwanted thoughts over and over again.
. Post Traumatic-Stress disorder are persistent symptoms that occur after some tragic incident has occurred. Nightmares, flashbacks, depression, no emotions, feeling angry, irritable, distracted and easily startled are just a few.
. Phobia a disabling irrational fear of something that actually cause little or no harm to them. This type of illness can lead to avoidance in someone’s life and can cause people to limit their lives.
. Generalized Anxiety disorder is a chronic exaggerated worry of everyday life events and activities that can last at least six months always expecting the worst even though there is no reason to. Physical symptoms of this are fatigue, trembling, muscle tension, headache and nausea.
Treatments for anxiety disorders include medications and/or some type of psychotherapy.
Medications that are most effective are antidepressants or benzodiazepines.
The most effective type of psychotherapy used to treat anxiety disorders is cognitive-behavior therapy. This therapy teaches patients to understand their thinking pattern so they can control their anxiety level.
Anxiety disorders can also coexist with another anxiety order such as an illness or drug abuse. Anxiety disorder can also coexist with a physical disorder. Before going on any type of treatment a full physical health evaluation needs to be done.
So during the month of May let us all be understanding to someone that may have any type of mental illness and try to learn what that person is going through. This can affect anyone at any time. No one is immune from this horrible illness.
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