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Premier Services for Life

For the independent Senior that isn’t ready to “go to a home” and deserves the best life has to offer.

Premier Services for Life
How you will Live Easy?
Transportation services
“keeper,” just someone who is with you and will take you to the different places you want to go… or that medical appointment that you might not want to go to!
Whether you want to visit the library, need medicine from the pharmacy or desire to spruce up at the beauty salon (or get that high and tight at the barber shop), we will get you there with ease
• Beauty salon or barber shop
• Doctors appointments
• Events and parties
• Exercise classes
• Library
• Lunch and dinner outings
• Pharmacy
• Physical therapy and post-surgical rehab appointments
It’s not as simple as packing up boxes, loading a truck, then repeat in reverse, and that’s difficult enough.
Are all your services transferred to the hew home and services no long needed cancelled?
How do you determine what to keep, transfer to family or friends, sell, donate or even toss.
Are you confident your new potential new home is the right fit for you?
Maybe you just need a little organization for your current home.
These are all things our concierge team are here to help you with and our services are tailored to fit your needs!
• Moving announcements
• Organizing closets, cabinets, attic, garage
• Packing and shipping
• Packing and unpacking boxes
• Tidying up or organization
• Transferring or canceling phone, cable, internet, etc. services
• Grocery shopping and setting up home after stay at skilled rehab center
Do you desire to live easy at home? A caregiver is important, but what about an extra set of hands to make life leisurely and enjoyable? Premier Services for Life can help you grocery shop, plan meals and cook, provide cleaning services, assist with home electronics and computers, and run errands. Just ask and we’ll get it Assist with home electronics and computers done!  We specialize in the finest level of non-medical involvement so that you can continue to experience a full and enjoyable life. You don’t have to be a king or queen…but you can live like one now.
• Dry cleaning
• Grocery shopping
• Laundry
• Light housekeeping
• Meal preparation
• Paying Bills
• Personal shopping
• Picking up prescriptions
• Taking out trash
• House sitting and pet services
You don’t just want a “caregiver” with you – you want to be seen with someone that looks like a professional and is a part of your family.
Whether you want to see a movie, take a day trip, plan a social function with friends, get all dolled up for church or attend a lunch or dinner engagement…
Premier Services for Life will make it easy!
• Attending parties and events
• Cooking or baking together
• Daily check-ins
• Day trips
• Dining out
• Games, puzzles, cards, etc.
• Going to the movies, theatre, symphony, etc.
• Hosting get-togethers with friends
• Medication reminders (only non-medical involvement)
• Post operation companionship
• Scrapbooking or crafting
• Taking walks and other exercise
• Tennis, golf or other leisurely sports
Premier Services for Life is a family owned and operated lifestyle concierge that provides the gift of time and affords peace
of mind. and seek to build trust and create a stable and enjoyable environment.
We communicate regularly with the family, and as often as requested, so loved ones can rest assured. We know our services
are more than a job; we are building relationships and providing care to enhance a lifestyle. Simply put, you or your loved ones will experience elevated service that will help you live easy!
(352) 857-4013
P.O. Box 3834
Ocala, Florida 34478
Serving Marion, Lake & Sumter Counties.
Our services are tailored to fit the needs of you and your family members. Our concierges review personal history and preferences and take the time to get to know you and your loved one. Our concierges are dependable and compassionate

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