Monday , January 25 2021

Men’s Health Facts for Men’s Health Month

• Health Facts: Men die at higher rates than women from the top 10 causes of death and are the victims of over 92% of workplace deaths. In 1920, women lived, on average, one year longer than men. Now, men, on average, die almost five years earlier than women. (CDC)
• Silent Health Crisis: “There is a silent health crisis in America. It’s that fact that, on average, American men live sicker and die younger than American women.” Dr. David Gremillion, Men’s Health Network
• Prevention: Women are 100% more likely to visit the doctor for annual examinations and preventive services than men. (CDC 2001)
• Who is the Weaker Sex?
– 115 males are conceived for every 100 females
– The male fetus is at greater risk of miscarriage and stillbirth
– 25% more newborn males die than females
– 3/5 SIDS victims are boys
– Men suffer hearing loss at 2x the rate of women
– Testosterone is linked to elevations of  LDL, the bad cholesterol, and declines in HDL, the good cholesterol
– Men have fewer infection-fighting T-cells and are thought to have weaker immune systems than women.
– By the age of 100, women outnumber men eight to one.
(NYT Magazine 03)
• Depression and Suicide (1)
– Depression in men is undiagnosed contributing to the fact that men are 4x as likely to commit suicide.
– Among 15-19 year olds, boys were 4x as likely as girls to commit suicide.
– Among 20-24 year olds, males were 6x as likely to commit suicide as females.
– The suicide rate for persons age 65 and above: men 28.5 women 3.9.
• To learn more, call: Men’s Health Network at 202-543-MHN1 (6461) or go to
1-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Center for Health
Statistics 2011.

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