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Men’s Health: Why You Need to Stay on Top of Your Medical Exams

Medical ExamsThe month of November is also referred to as MOVEMBER for Men’s Health. We often hear jokes that men prefer to stay away from the doctor, but more and more men have become proactive about their healthcare than ever before, which allows for healthier lifestyle choices and earlier diagnosis. Men taking the lead on their health is always better for long term outcomes and living well.

When it comes to men’s health, Advanced Urology Institute (AUI) offers numerous treatments and diagnostics for erectile dysfunction, vasectomies, urinary, kidney, and bladder health, and prostate disorders.

Getting Your Prostate Checked is Not Optional
Prostate cancer is often referred to as a silent killer. As men age, it can become enlarged, infected, and cancerous. Prostate cancer is the third leading cancer among males. It is often a silent killer, as it rarely shows signs or symptoms until it has developed maturely and even metastasized into other areas of the body. This year alone, it will take over 31,620 men’s lives. But it doesn’t have to be this way! With just a standard examination and regular checkups, prostate cancer can be diagnosed and treated effectively, alleviating these grim statistics. Early diagnosis is critical and achievable with the right steps. Due to prompt diagnosis, 3 million men in the US are prostate cancer survivors!

Some of the Most Common Symptoms of the Disorder are:
• Weak urination
• Interrupted urination
• Frequent urination
• Blood in urine
• Painful ejaculations
• Pain in pelvis, hips or thighs

There are several distinctive tests that urologists use to determine Prostate cancer or prostate disorders in men. The first is a digital examination by palpitating the prostate through the rectum to feel if it is enlarged. The second test is done through a PSA (prostate-specific antigen) count, which tests the blood for specific protein-synthesized prostate cells—the higher the number of PSA, the more likelihood of impending prostate cancer. There is also a more advanced test of free-range prostate PSA cells; this test typically reads higher in men that have undiagnosed prostate cancer. The earlier your PSA levels are checked, the better your chances of successful treatment and survival rate.

The normal PSA level is 4.0, which is four nanograms per milliliter of blood (ng/ml), but in younger men, an average of 2.5 ng/ml is normal, while in older men a reading above four may not necessarily be alarming.

Additional Testing
Certain medications, herbal supplementation, or being overweight can also have a counter effect on your PSA levels. For example, a person taking a daily aspirin may have a lower PSA level due to the effect of the medicine on the blood protein count.

Before you are tested, it’s imperative to tell your physician everything that you are taking, or any other health conditions or symptoms that you are experiencing. Additional more detailed testing includes transrectal MRI or transrectal ultrasound, as well as biopsies.

If diagnosed with cancer, a Gleason Score biopsy will be taken to determine the aggressiveness of prostate cancer. This grading system allows urologists to choose the appropriate and optimal treatment option.

All treatment options are not going to be suitable for every prostate cancer case. Depending on the patient’s overall health, age, stage of cancer, PSA or Gleason scores, size of the tumor, and personal circumstances, the treatment may vary significantly. For some patient’s hormone therapy is appropriate, and for others, a “watch and wait” approach is suitable. In some instances a single surgical removal may be fitting, while for others radiation therapy or more invasive surgical and oncology options are better suited. You should always consult with an experienced urologist to determine your best plan of action when dealing with any prostate issues.

Advanced Urology Institute
AUI was developed as a single-specialty physician led organization to respond to the mounting changes in healthcare. Solo-practitioners and small groups cannot keep up with the increased governmental burdens and continue to stay focused on providing the highest level of care to their patients. We believe that by combining our efforts, geographically disparate Urology groups can function most efficiently and effectively to deliver the highest quality medical care to our patients.

Services Offered & Conditions We Treat
• Erectile Dysfunction
• Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)
• Kidney Stones
• Da Vinci Robotic Assisted Surgery
• Prostate Cancer Treatment
• Vasectomy & Vasectomy Reversal
• Urinary Tract Infection
• Pediatric Urology
• Women’s Urological Health

We Value Patient-Centered, Evidence-Based Care
As a patient, you can be certain that you are a critical member of our treatment team. We will answer your questions and strive to provide the best services and the best care, based on your individual needs, preferences, and choices. AUI Physicians emphasize the use of proven treatment guidelines within our specialty, to optimize clinical decision making. Through our internal measures, our involvement in research studies, and our passion for continuous learning, you can be confident that our treatment team is providing you with the best treatment options.

Advanced Urology Institute



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