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Neuropathy: An Alternative Treatment Option

Neuropathy: An Alternative Treatment OptionIn the United States alone, neuropathy affects nearly 20 million people. The Latin word means nerve disorder, and this nerve damage happens because the small blood vessels, which supply blood and nutrients to the nerves becomes impaired. When the nerves are no longer fed nutrients, they either die, or their signals to the brain become restricted and ineffective.
Neuropathy is typically associated with diabetes, as it’s common for nerve damage to have occurred in individuals with high glucose storage, but neuropathy can also be attributed to chemotherapy, injuries, autoimmune diseases, compressed spinal vertebrae, cholesterol medication side effects, a build-up of toxins, and vascular disease.
Symptoms of neuropathy most often include the following sensations:
• Tingling
• Numbness
• Burning
• Sensations of cold/hot
• Stumbling
• Impingements
• Electrical vibrating sensations
• Falling
• Lack of strength
• Decreased range-of-motion
• Muscle cramps
• Joint inflammation
Neuropathy Causes and Treatment
One of the main causes of neuropathy is diabetes. In this case, high blood sugar damages various organs within the body, but also has a severely adverse effect on nerves. This nerve damage happens when the blood supply is limited.
The lack of brain signaling from the nerve endings makes it difficult for a person to feel pain in their foot, so often injuries and these disorders are overlooked.
This syndrome is called peripheral diabetic neuropathy.
Because of this nerve damage, people with diabetes are at a higher risk of developing foot ulcers. A foot wound may not sound overly alarming to most people, but foot ulcers can be life-threatening. These small sores go undetected due to the lack of feeling. If a patient delays treatment, foot ulcers can lead to amputation, strokes, heart attacks and severe infections that can spread throughout the entire body.
Along with wound care, Mid Florida Foot, Ankle & Vein Clinic offers a cutting-edge technology to alleviate neuropathic pain. The in-office procedure called TeslaMax.
TeslaMax Therapy
TeslaMax therapy uses Tesla-based technology and helps restore blood flow, improve circulation and reduce fluid buildup (edema) in the neuropathy-affected areas. As a result, the body’s ability to heal nerve damage is accelerated. TeslaMax therapy administered in the office can relieve the debilitating pain over a series of sessions that provide relief from pain.
How Does the Therapy Work?
The secret is in the alternating current stimulation, not to be confused with a Tens Unit. Tesla based technology elicits deep muscle contraction where muscle moment is hindered, thereby promoting removal of toxins in the extremity believed to be responsible for the condition. It also stimulates the small artery circulation, restoring blood flow and healing. Not only is it great for lower extremity pain reduction, but conditions such as urinary incontinence, upper and lower body edema, back, shoulder and joint pain. It has also been used effectively for TMJ.
Benefits include:

  • Increased muscle tone
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Reduced fluid buildup
  • Accelerated wound healing process
  • Restores blood flow
  • Decreases fluid buildup
  • Accelerates your body’s ability to heal nerve damage
  • Alleviates nerve pain

Mid Florida Foot, Ankle & Vein Clinic provides pain-reducing, comprehensive cutting-edge treatment. Their podiatrist, Dr. Gabriel Delgado, can treat all foot problems and even performs in-office surgeries. Rest assured you’ll get patient-focused care from their highly skilled and compassionate staff.
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