Thursday , March 4 2021

New Advances Make RAO’s MRI Technology Better Than Ever

For more than thirty years, Magnetic Resonance Imaging has been an invaluable tool for diagnosingand providing image-guided treatment for an array of diseases and disorders of the body’s bones and soft tissues. It creates intricate views of complex structures without surgery or exposure to radiation, making MRI a staple in medical facilities all around the world. But not all MRI is equal.
Since our inception, RAO has remained at the forefront of diagnostic technology, and we continually embrace medical and technological advances to our MRI systems. We’re proud to announce that we have once again upgraded our MRI equipment to provide the ultimate in diagnostic performance, accuracy and speed with the latest industry breakthroughs.
The new IDEAL system from GE Healthcare allows MRI to perform more precisely than ever before. IDEAL reduces “artifacts,” the extraneous clutter that often affects standard MRI platforms, creating the need for additional scans. Says RAO’s Dr. Edson Cortes, “IDEAL drastically reduces artifacts and produces revolutionarily clear, detailed images, even in challenging areas of the body, such as the spine, skull, neck, brachial plexus, ankle and shoulder.” IDEAL generates four different contrasts from a single scan, including images that separate body fat and water, enabling radiologists to identify disease and injury more reliably, quickly and accurately than was previously possible. “It has enabled MRI to be used effectively to diagnose and treat not just soft tissue disorders, but musculoskeletal issues as well,” says Dr. Brian Cartwright.
RAO has also upgraded our systems to the new Signa HD23, with 16 channel coils to produce unsurpassed clarity in neurological and musculoskeletal imaging. “We never stop researching and upgrading our equipment,” says Dr. Ryan Tompkins, “particularly those of great diagnostic importance, like MRI. The better our technology, the better we’re able to assist medical practitioners with accurate diagnoses and help plan and provide treatment for patients.”
For more information on our MRI upgrades, please contact RAO via email at:
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