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New Hope for MS Sufferers Amazing Technology Now Available in Central Florida!

Lita finally finds relief after 25 years of progressive MS deterioration.
MS Sufferers Amazing TechnologyDiagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 25 years ago, Lita Higginbotham was a corporate project manager in a telecommunications company.  She was young and ambitious and in the midst of a promising career.   She was living the American dream, when she started having problems with her vision.
Lita schedule an appointment with her eye doctor and went through a series of testing that resulted in the recommendation to see .a neurologist.  Her doctor suspected that her eye problems, which left her blind in her left eye, stemmed from a much bigger problem, Multiple Sclerosis.
After further testing, Lita was diagnosed with MS and couldn’t believe it when they told her that her eyesight was the beginning of what was to be a long history of medical issues that were distinctly connected with her new diagnosis.  She had just found out that she was blind in one eye and now she had to deal with learning that she had Multiple Sclerosis.
Following her diagnosis, the disease progressed over the next 25 years.  She is blind in her left eye, can see through a straw in her right eye.  She experienced pain in her shoulder, severe and constant Sacroiliac pain, banding on her legs and burning in her feet.  Lita was unable to touch her nose with her fingers due to loss of use in her left extremities after a severe exacerbation.  She experienced loss of cognition, had to use a cane to walk, and could not stand on one foot or bend over without falling.  Lita began taking multiple pills for pain, sleeplessness and energy along with several other medications, totaling 13 prescriptions. Even with sleeping medication, she was not able to get a good night’s sleep, resulting in no energy during the day.
Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis or MS is a disease of which there is no known cure. Multiple Sclerosis happens when your immune system attacks a fatty substance called myelin, which wraps around nerve fibers to protect them.   Myelin Sheathing is the insulation around a nerve just like the insulation around a wire. When the insulation deteriorates the nerve just like an electrical wire starts shorting out.  Without the myelin to protect the nerve fibers, they become damaged and scar tissue forms.  Because the nerve tissue is damaged, your brain cannot send signals as it should to the nerve endings in your body.   Nerve endings are also a way that your brain sends signals for sensations, such as feeling, hearing, seeing.   If your brain doesn’t have a channel to send the signals, then you develop a variety of symptoms.   They say that no one struggling with Multiple Sclerosis has the same symptoms.    That is because the disease can attack different nerves in the body.
Lita’s experience with Multiple Sclerosis was her own journey.
Each of her symptoms was unique to her.   Each time she had an exacerbation or a flare up, she would lose an ability that many of us take for granted.  Each time she would work with her doctors and her physical therapists to retrain her body to use what was left of her abilities.
Over the years, Lita has found herself in wheelchairs, losing the feeling in extremities, her sight and many other symptoms.   Each time, the doctors told her that living with Multiple Sclerosis and managing her symptoms through medications, exercise and proper eating was really all she could do.
The medications help in various aspects of her disease and became a very necessary aspect of her life.   She had to take medications for pain, medications for sleeplessness, medications for energy, medications for focus, medications to counteract side-effects from medications.  She was eventually taking 4 to 6 strong pain killers per day.   Her list of daily medications ranged from 12-18 pills per day!
Lita was told that this was the only way to manage her disease.  There was no known cure and every time she developed a new symptom, it was blamed on her Multiple Sclerosis.
Lita is a fighter.  She has lived her life fighting her own immune system.  That kind of fight is exhausting!  It’s constant and never ending.   But there was a small glimmer of hope. When Energy Medical discussed Acuscope Myopulse Therapy with Lita’s MS Support group, the group received the information and internalized it.   There were skeptics, but overall there was someone telling them that there is a treatment that can help you manage your illness better than anything you have already experienced.
Lita was skeptical because she had researched MS sufficiently to know that this was not a therapy known in the community.   She had never heard of it and she felt that she had tried so many other therapies to no avail.   She did not want to get her hopes up, but she did agree to a free consultation.  During the consultation, the technician discussing her medical issues was thorough and discussed all her symptoms.   They developed a plan and Lita decided to give it a try.
Lita’s Journey with Acuscope Myopulse Treatments
Watching Lita’s (and other’s) story on the video that Energy Medical has on their facebook and website, was remarkable. Every day that Lita came in for her treatments she saw an improvement in each of her symptoms.   By treatment number three, her pain was almost gone!  She stopped taking her pain meds.  On her fourth treatment there was a breakthrough in her eyesight.  She had a short period of time where her eyesight actually came back.  That has since, subsided in her left eye, but her right eye has opened up and she can see much better from it.  She is able to sleep soundly through the night and now wakes early with plenty of energy, allowing her to accomplish more because she has energy and her cognitive reasoning is much clearer. By week number two, Lita began forgetting her cane at home and discovered that it was because she no longer needed it.   Her feeling was coming back to her feet and she felt much more secure in her walk and stance.  In fact, she can now balance herself while standing on one foot, on either leg!  Her left extremities began to turn back on as well.  Before the treatments, her brain was not talking to her left hand.  She couldn’t perform a task as simple as pointing to her nose.   The Acuscope Myopulse Treatments corrected that!
In less than 90 days, with just over twenty treatments, Lita’s body is in the process of naturally healing itself.
“After 25 years of suffering you gave me my life back.  The pain is gone.  So is the brain fog. I can walk without my cane.  My friends are amazed and so is my doctor”, Lita Higginbotham. Lita’s doctors were delighted.  They couldn’t believe the difference in the person that was standing before them.  Lita’s friends kept telling her that they couldn’t believe her improvements.   Her family was ecstatic at her level of cognition and new lease on life.  Everyone could see the Acuscope Myopulse treatments were working.
Lita’s battle is not over yet, but thanks to the unique therapies and technologies offered at Energy medical at The Villages she is able not only help herself, but she is now also able to help many others.   Lita is the president of the Pity Us Not MS Support Group of Central Florida.  Thru a joint venture collaboration her group and Energy Medical have teamed together to help raise money, and help others to be able to receive the same therapies.  Because of her outstanding and high profile results, Energy Medical along with a team of doctors, and neurologists, have come together to begin clinical studies to document the effectiveness of EMed advanced FDA registered technologies. EMed founder, Bill Rowland says “The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself if it only has enough energy and the right nutrients. It’s about time the medical world took notice of what is possible with todays advanced non-invasive technologies”.
New Hope for MS Sufferers. Clinical Studies to Begin at The Villages.
Energy Medical is now seeking, interviewing participants for a number of different studies.  To learn more call 352-552-1889 to schedule a free consultation.
Acuscope Myopulse treatments are very beneficial in fighting diseases such as MS because it restores electro-homeostasis or a healthy electrical balance.  Multiple Sclerosis interferes with the transmission of signals from the cell to the brain.  In restoring the electrical balance to the cell, Acuscope Myopulse helps the cell make the connection in needs to transmit that signal.
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