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New Revolutionary Medical Device to Improve Leg Circulation

By Tom Tran PA-C, MPAs, NCCPA Surgery Board Certified –
New Revolutionary Medical Device to Improve Leg CirculationLeg circulation problems affect more than 20 million Americans and over 20% of those are over the age of 65. Circulation problems in the legs can arise from smoking, poor diet and exercise, obesity, high cholesterol, and genetics. There are two components of circulation disease. One is arterial disease also called PAD (Peripheral Arterial Disease), which is a lack of proper circulation to the legs. Another is vein disease (also called Venous Insufficiency), which is a lack of proper circulation back to the heart from the legs.
These circulation problems can cause Intermittent Claudication (not being able to walk without stopping to rest), heaviness and achiness legs, swelling (ankles, lower legs), pain, muscle tension, tired legs, restless legs, brownish skin color changes in the legs, wounds or ulcers in the legs, and enlarged varicose and spider veins.
Current treatment options for both Arterial and Venous disease include stenting, ballooning, Atherectomy (cleaning out the artery) and Radiofrequency Ablations of the veins. These procedures require minimally invasive techniques and surgical interventions.
Today, a new medical device called the CV2® (named for if we had a second heart in the legs) is the new forefront of medical breakthrough. Published studies from leading Orthopedic Physician Jim Hundley Sr. MD with affiliations through the New Hanover Medical Center Surgical Department shows an improvement of Arterial flow to the legs by over 900% and Venous flow of 300%. The device simulates leg calf pumps without any strain to the heart, surrounding muscles, ligaments, and does not affect the heart rate or blood pressure, thus, allowing the user to use the device for hours without being tired. The device is an assistive device utilizing no power and implementing a treadling design (simulating an old sewing machine) to generate centripetal force to allow the user to pump the legs without fatigue. The CV2® is not only used to improve circulation in the legs, it is also used as a recovery machine for athletes and runners as a cool down device after a long exercise regimen to reduce the amount of build-up lactic acid in the muscles. With its’ compact and lightweight design, the CV2® can be used while sitting in the comfort of your home and is easily transportable. An airplane version will soon be following to bring onboard airplanes to prevent blood clots. The CV2® is offered through Comprehensive Vein Center in the Villages at Sumter Landing and can be purchased for an introductory launching price for $269.99 +tax s/h.
Indicated for People with:
1. Lymphedema
2. Leg Swelling
3. Bad Veins (Venous Insufficiency)
4. Bad Arteries (PAD)
5. Restless Leg Syndrome
6. Athletic Injury or Recovery
7. Leg Ulcers/Wounds
8. Sedentary Lifestyle
9. Sedentary Job
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