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Staying in Good Physical Shape During Holiday Travel

Staying in Good Physical Shape During Holiday TravelWhen we think of the holiday season, we typically visualize family dinners, lasting memories and some relaxation, and we look forward to a peaceful experience. After all, holidays are a time to get away from our stress-filled lives and visit family and friends. In reality, these things hold true, but there is one blinding caveat that we all seem to gloss over—our sedentary lifestyle during the holidays because we don’t take the time to exercise or keep our physical therapy appointments.
Hauling luggage, parking the car at the airport, waiting in the security line, worrying about catching our connecting flights, or traveling in the car or bus for long distance in heavy traffic are all unpleasant experiences that we encounter while trying to get to our favorite destination.
One of the most common travel concerns in people with known heart disease, as well as healthy individuals, are DVT’s, or deep vein thrombosis. DVT’s can occur in travelers in the air, railways or by road. Both chronic and acute symptoms could be a sign or lead to a DVT (deep vein thrombosis). DVTs are life-
threatening and should be treated immediately. Deep vein thrombosis is a blood clot in the veins that are formed deep in within the legs. Vascular malformations, pelvic tumors or sitting for extended periods of time are some of the risk factors that go along with DVTs. Every year, over 2 million people are affected by deep vein thrombosis, and sadly over 200,000 of these cases end in death.
To alleviate your chances of DVT, it’s imperative to try and move your toes, ankles and do calf raises in your seat. If you can get up and walk around, that’s a valuable method to keep your blood flowing correctly back to your heart. If your trip is over 3 hours, or if you have venous insufficiency, wearing compression stockings is critical to keeping your vascular structures healthy.
You can also do the same little exercises or movements while you’re watching Rudolph or Elf with the kids. During the movie, wiggle your toes, stand up and sit down repeatedly for a few minutes, or do leg lifts. All of these flexion and extension movements will keep your circulation pumping and create oxygen rich blood, and warm muscles.
Take the time to move this holiday season. Be thankful for your range-of-motion, and take advantage of dancing with your grandchildren, or taking a walk with your friends.
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