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TAKE ACTION TODAYEven though traffic dropped significantly during the pandemic, our roads have become more dangerous. Car accident fatalities in Florida rose by 4% last year. The leading cause – distracted driving. Over 700 people in the US daily, are injured due to distracted driving. Whether you are talking on a cell phone, texting, putting on make up, tending to demanding kids in the backseat, programming an in-vehicle infotainment system, eating or checking Facebook, your attention is diverted away from driving. Taking your eyes off the road for 5 seconds to read a text while driving at a speed of 55mph is tantamount to driving with your eyes closed for the length of an entire football field. Anytime you take your attention off the road, hands off the steering wheel, or mind off the task of driving you risk serious injury, even death to yourself and others. Recently during spring break on SR19 near Ocala National Forest a patient’s son was texting on his phone and veered off the road, he over corrected and lost control of the vehicle rolling it 8 times. It is a miracle he survived and after 13 surgeries he is still fighting for his life.

His parents regret not being better role models and educating him on the dangers of distracted driving.

Every time you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, you have an opportunity to help keep yourself, your passengers and others on the road safe. HERE’S HOW:

Before starting the car:
• Respond to any texts or calls that need answering.
• Finish doing your makeup.
• Finish whatever you are eating/drinking.
• Buckle the kids in correctly.
• Accurately save addresses you will need in your GPS.
• Select the entertainment: music, podcast and temperature you want for the drive.
• Be in a good state of mind, never drive upset or fatigued.
• Keep your phone stowed or on the backseat where you can’t reach it.
• Use ‘driving mode’ to stop notifications while driving.
• Discuss the danger and legal consequences of driving distracted with your kids.
• Set a company policy about distracted driving and make it clear that work emails and updates can wait until employees are no longer driving.

Let’s put an end to senseless and preventable crashes on our roads and save lives.

If you have been in an accident, getting medical treatment is crucial. Even if you don’t have symptoms having a comprehensive evaluation, via physical examination and diagnostic testing by a leading medical specialist like Medig in Ocala is essential to your wellbeing and ruling out possible long-term effects of any injuries sustained from the accident.

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